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New Mesh Harness  

KumfyTailz introduced its new mesh harness with high-tech thermal lining allowing for double the warming /cooling dogs need.

The new mesh harness offers:

• an adjustable neck for customized fit

• double buckle system allowing for easy on/off, and ideal for dogs with arthritis or hip or joint issues

• new high-tech thermal lining in pouch which doubles the amount of usage elongated back strap to reduce damage done by pulling

The Power of Zinc  

ProLabs (booth 1053) has harnessed the power of zinc in a new line of heath-care products designed to address common pet ailments.

Breath Refresh uses a natural, no-brush zinc formula to neutralize breath odors instantly, heal gum irritation and maintain oral health by reducing the bacteria that cause plaque and tartar formation.

Clear Ear is for use in infection and inflammation of the ears. It is a neutralized zinc solution that manages chronic yeast and staph ear infections, resolves itching, eliminates odor-causing bacteria and restores normal ear health.

Skin Soothe enhances wound healing with a pH-neutral formula that will not irritate sensitive skin tissue. Combined with select amino acids, it delivers maximum anti-itch benefits, reduces healing time when treating hot spots or skin-fold dermatitis, and accelerates the healing of minor wounds.

P.L.A.Y Debuts Snuggle Sack Pet Beds  

P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle And You) (booth 514) has introduced its Snuggle Sack pet beds. The beds feature plush, luxurious velvet on one side, while smooth and sturdy canvas covers the other. The cotton-mix canvas is breathable and light for summer, and the velvet keeps pets warm and snug in the winter. It can be molded into multiple styles, giving pet owners ultimate versatility.

Petsport Appoints VP of Sales 

Petsport USA Inc. (booth 2109) has appointed Ed Cebular as vice president of sales. Cebular brings with him over 16 years of sales and merchandising experience, including 10 years in the pet industry. He will oversee sales, tradeshows and new business, and grow current accounts worldwide. Cebular previously worked for Horsemen’s Pride and Jolly Pets of Ohio. Petsport USA is a manufacturer of pet toys, treats and accessories.

PureLife 4Pets Expands Distribution 

PureLife 4Pets Premium Pet Supplements (booth 3838) announced that it will start selling its recently launched highly palatable supplements in the Midwest through Zeus & Co. 

Complete List of New Products Showcase Award Winners


Best In Show
NoClean Aquariums    
Self-Cleaning Betta Aquarium
Booth 3181

Second Place
Central Garden & Pet
Aqueon LED Bubble Wands 7  14"  21""
Booth 1901    

Third Place
RefinedKind Pet Products
Booth 3617    


Best In Show
Fetch-It Pets Inc.
Birdy Bootie
Booth 650  

Second Place
 Prevue Pet Products Inc.
Pop up Park
Booth 2867 2967

Third Place
A&E Cage Co. LLC
Java Wood Bird Toys
Booth 1919  


Best In Show
Aquatica Gallery LLC
Classic Paws Furniture-Style Pet Bed - Tyson Pet Bed Collection
Booth 2987

Second Place
Dog SnorZ
Dog SnorZ designer pillowcases
Booth 582  

Third Place
Bow Wow Couture
Dog Collar with Bow/Bow Tie
Booth 315


Best In Show
Ware Manufacturing
Earthly Elements Curves
Booth 2567 2667

Second Place
Booth 3251

Third Place
Booth 3251


Best In Show
The Company of Animals
Booth 1583

Second Place
Petstages Inc.
CRUNCHCORE Chewing Dog Toys
Booth 1409

Third Place
Dog Gone Smart
Dirty Dog Floor Runner
Booth 2974


Best In Show
Ware Manufacturing
Booth 2567 2667

Second Place
Fromm Family Foods LLC
Fromm Four-Star Pork & Peas Recipe for Dogs
Booth 3115

Third Place
The Pet Hydration People LLC
LICKS® Liquid Vitamins®
Booth 4219


Best In Show
Penn-Plax Inc.
Reptology Stone Hide-Away
Booth 2413

Second Place
BioBubble Pets
Terrarium Riser
Booth 1977

Third Place
A&E Cage Co. LLC
Reptile Javarium
Booth 1919


Best In Show
Ware Manufacturing
Critter Timbers
Booth 2567 2667

Second Place
A&E Cage Co. LLC
Java Wood Natural Small Animal Chew Toys
Booth 1919

Third Place
Ware Manufacturing
Rice Pop Paddy
Booth 2567 2667


Best In Show
Tropiclean Pet Products (Div. of Cosmos Corp.)        
TropiClean End Cap

Second Place
Ware Manufacturing
Booth 2567 2667

Third Place
Timberline Live Pet Foods
Cricket Display Case
Booth 1135

APPA Promotion

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) has promoted Annie Rotberg to the position of associate director of attendee services for Global Pet Expo. In her new position, Rotberg will be responsible for new buyer recruitment, buyer qualification and registration.

“I really believe that the face-to-face experience that a trade show provides buyers is a great help in growing their business,” says Rotberg, who has been with APPA since 1998. “I look forward to working more closely with industry distributors to help drive even more buyer attendance among pet specialty retailers, as well as working with more mass market and non-traditional retailers that are expanding their pet aisles.”

Mulligan Stew Adds Supplements

Mulligan Stew (booth 3815) has added four holistic supplements to its line of all-natural pet health products. The new supplement line includes: Allergy Relief, Performance Enhancement, Joint Health, and Cellular Support. The supplements are all produced in the USA, in a human-grade,
certified International NSF GMP pharmaceutical facility.

Cesar Millan Debuts Dog Treadmill, Fashion Accessory Line 

DCesar Millan, dog behaviorist and star of the television series, Leader of the Pack, has debuted a line of pet products (booth 2153). The line embodies his philosophies for exercise, discipline and affection, and adds to his Dog Whisperer branded pet care line. The Brights Line of pet accessories was inspired by contemporary fashion trends and retains Millan’s emphasis on functionality. The line combines fashion-forward colors with functional designs.

Millan also debuted the Pro-Form Dog Treadmill, which allows pet owners to train their dogs from the comfort of their home. It features iFit Techonolgy, which uses a wireless Internet connection to deliver specialized training programs voiced by Millan to owners and their pets. The different workouts for all types of dogs offer tools, tips and inspiration to lead dogs to healthy, happy lives. 

Radio Systems Corp. Acquires Pup-Pee Solutions

Radio Systems Corporation, owner of the PetSafe, Premier, SportDOG and Invisible Fence brands, has acquired Pup-Pee Solutions USA and Pup-Pee Solutions Australia. Pup-Pee Solutions manufactures the Pet Loo and Fresh Air Litter Brand.

The acquisition allows Radio Systems Corporation to offer customers a broader range of waste-management products.

Tobi Skovron, owner and founder of Pup-Pee Solutions, will join the Radio Systems team. “I have a bunch of new ideas that we will produce and deliver to market globally,” Skovron said in a statement.
“This is an opportunity for all of our suppliers, as well as our distribution partners, retailers and the consumers of our range.

American Pet Launches New Branding

American Pet (booth 1301), previously known as American Pet Diner, has introduced its new brand name and aesthetic. The new branding—featuring “Americanized” rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters and other small pets with human-like qualities—is designed and created to better connect with pet lovers, and therefore create more of an interest in small-pet ownership. American Pet has updated its logo, packaging, website, social media vehicles and all of its branding elements. New consumer-requested packaging sizes and products have also been introduced.

Natural Balance Debuts Low-Cal Formulas 

Natural Balance Pet Foods (booth 2143) has introduced Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Fat Cats and Fat Dogs dry food. The formulas offer a unique protein and fiber blend to help pets lose weight in a healthy way. They are the company’s lowest calorie diets, with 305 kcal per cup for cats and 255 kcal per cup for dogs. A complex fiber-layering system promotes healthy digestion, and higher protein levels help pets maintain lean body muscle mass while losing weight. The blend of fiber and protein includes chicken meal, salmon meal, garbanzo beans, peas and oatmeal to help pets feel satisfied. Fat Dogs is available in 5-, 15- and 28-lb. bags, and Fat Cats is available in 6- and 15-lb. bags.

One Shot Deodorizing Spray  

Best Shot Pet Products ( has added One Shot Deodorizing Spray to its One Shot line. The spray is safe to use directly on dogs and cats. The spray is also safe on fabrics and can be used throughout the home for most foul odors.

Bamboo Lounging 

The Také Pet Hammock, from Richell USA (booth 1871), is an elevated pet hammock that easily folds for storage or transportation. It includes a removable, washable cover and comes in a natural bamboo finish. Three hammock sizes are available to accommodate pets from 17.6 lbs. to 88 lbs.

New Litters From Ultra Pet

Ultra Pet (booth 1858) has introduced its Ultra Monthly Monitor and Ultra Lite cat litter. Ultra Monthly Monitor can be added to all types of cat litters to indicate the pH of a cat’s urine. Cat owners use the pH color chart included with each bag to compare with the color at the urination spot. If a low or high urine pH is indicated, the owner should contact the cat’s veterinarian. It can detect many potential health problems before a cat exhibits visible signs of distress.

Ultra Lite cat litter is one of the lightest litters available on the market, according to the company. It blends the convenience of clumping clay with the super absorbency and odor control of silica gel.

Dynamo Dog Treats 

Cloud Star (booth 3901) has introduced its Dynamo Dog Functional treat line. The treats are formulated for a dog’s specific needs and are infused with specially selected vitamins, minerals, fruits and vegetables to help support joint function, digestive health, or skin and coat health. The Hip & Joint formula is available in Bacon & Cheese and Chicken flavors; the Tummy formula is available in Pumpkin & Ginger; and the Skin & Coat formula is available in Salmon. Each is available in 5-oz. and 14-oz. resealable bags.

P.L.A.Y. Expands Distribution Abroad  

P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You) (booth 514) has expanded its distribution in both Germany and Japan. In conjuction with a new international shopping cart on the company’s website, the expansion gives more consumers worldwide access to P.L.A.Y’s collections. “With distributors in European and Asian markets, we’re very excited to bring our products to animal lovers around the globe,” said Deborah Feng, director of operations at P.L.A.Y.

The company will offer assistance to distributors by creating translated versions of its wide-ranging marketing collateral and merchandising support.

Ethical Partners with America’s VetDogs 

Ethical Products (booth 2335) has partnered with America’s VetDogs to create co-branded dog toys and beds. The rope and tennis ball toys are designed in red, white and blue, and are durable for all breeds. A portion of each sale goes to America’s VetDogs to help raise, train and match an assistance dog with an American hero. America’s VetDogs is a non-profit organization that helps disabled veterans regain the lives they led.

Swheat Scoop Adds Smaller Bags  

Swheat Scoop (booth 1300) has added a 7-lb. bag to its line of cat litter. The smaller size is available in Original, Multi-Cat and Lightly Scented formulations. The company also reformulated its Original and Multi-Cat formulas to eliminate odors better, clump faster and last longer than before. The Lightly Scented formula has a clean, outdoor-fresh scent. Swheat Scoop is a 100-percent biodegradable.

Loving Pets Natural Treats, Eco Friendly Bowls  

It’s So Natural Treats, from Loving Pets (booth 3257), are all-natural treats made with locally sourced ingredients. To preserve ingredient freshness, the treats undergo a slow-cooking process that creates a delicious crunch dogs can’t resist. The treats are available in 10 savory combinations and are made in the USA.

Loving Pets has also introduced BambúBowls and the Gobble Stopper Slow Feeder. BambúBowls are eco-friendly, fashionable and functional feeding bowls for dogs and cats. The bowls are made from bamboo and cornstarch, and are 100-percent recyclable and biodegradable. The bowls feature skid-resistant rubber feet and side cut-outs for easy pick up. BambúBowls are available in three colors for dogs and two colors for cats. The dog bowls are round, and the cat bowls are heart shaped.

The Gobble Stopper features a patent-pending, bone-shaped design that suctions to any pet bowl, reducing eating speed and preventing common stomach discomfort and bloating.

Safe Feeding  

Feed-Safe, from Automated Pet Care Products (booth 1006), creates a safe haven for food for smaller pets. Feed-Safe houses food within a fashionable dome-shaped unit that provides a secure, hassle-free environment. It includes an adjustable door that locks in position, allowing smaller pets into the dome while keeping larger pets out. The dome holds two 1-qt. stainless steel bowls that nest in provided recessed spaces, which keeps the food and water in place. It has a locking lid and handle, and the dome can be easily removed for cleaning. It is made in the USA.

Be Seen 

flexi’s Neon Reflect (booth 3357) features 3M highway-grade reflective sheeting on both sides of the leash casing. The high-intensity prismatic sheeting is applied with permanent adhesive and is weatherproof. When light shines onto the leash, the reflective sheeting provides a bright glow for enhanced visibility and additional safety. The leashes are available in three sizes: small for dogs up to 26 lbs., medium for dogs up to 44 lbs., and large for dogs up to 110 lbs. Each size features a neon yellow brake and lock button and has a 16-ft. matching yellow cord or belt.

The British Have Landed

PetQuip, the international trade association of pet equipment suppliers, is hosting a delegation of British exhibitors at this year's Global Pet Expo. The delegation includes:

• Animology - booth 4058

• Byotrol Pet Care - booth 4054

• Classic Pet Products - booth 4056

• DOGGEE Waste Bag Holders - booth 4046

• Dog Rocks - booth 3649

• Hing Designs - booth 572

• Hilton Herbs Ltd - booth 4018

• Litter Kwitter - booth 4044

• PetQuip - booth 4050

• Pet Rebellion Ltd - booth 4048

• Profleece Pet & Vet Bedding - booth 4052

• Scruffs - booth 1271

Pictured Below: PetQuip commercial manager Charlie Parker.

Hill's Pet Nutrition Unveils Ideal Balance

Hill's Pet Nutrition is unveiled the Hill’s Ideal Balance brand and line of food for dogs and cats that combines natural ingredients with Hill’s perfectly balanced nutrition. The new Hill’s Ideal Balance will be the first new brand from Hill's since the launch of Science Diet in 1968.

The new Hill’s Ideal Balance dog and cat food formulas feature: 

• Fresh Chicken or Natural Salmon to help keep pets slim and trim (1st ingredient)
• Brown Rice for healthy digestion 
• Fruits and Vegetables for a healthy immune system
• No corn, wheat or soy 
• Grain-free options for dogs and cats 
• Dry foods that are made in the USA in Hill’s own manufacturing facilities
• 100% balanced nutrition, guaranteed or your money back

Varieties were developed for life stage (puppy/kitten, adult and mature), size (small and large breed for dogs) and grain-free.

In addition to the dry food selection, the new Hill’s Ideal Balance line also features 12 new wet food varieties: six each for cat and dog.  To offer pet parents a wide variety of protein sources, Hill’s is also
introducing new ones like Venison, Trout and Salmon.  Like all Hill’s products, Ideal Balance wet foods have been formulated to Association of American Feed Control Officials’ (AAFCO) strict guidelines, as
well as Hill's precise nutrient profiles, to offer perfectly balanced nutrition.

Planet Dog's Cosmos Line

Planet Dog is showcasing the updated  Cosmos line of Orbee-Tuff toys.  The Cosmos collection features three dog balls of different shapes, sizes and colors:  Sol.; Luna.; and Ringo.   They are made in the USA and are doggie-durable, buoyant, bouncy, minty, recyclable, non-toxic and 100% guaranteed.

Designed for bigger dogs and representing the sun, the 5” translucent orange Sol. is the largest ball in the Cosmos collection.  Planet Dog offers the moon to medium and smaller sized dogs with the 4” glow-in-the dark Luna. Any dog will be star struck by the unpredictable bounces of the 3” emerald green Ringo. with its Saturn-style ring.

Because of their shapes and sizes, Planet Dog rates the Sol. and the Luna. toys 4 out of 5 chompers on their Chew-o-Meter Scale meaning they are suitable for “fairly aggressive” chewers.  The Ringo. will suit even the most aggressive chewers, with a 5 out of 5 Durability Rating. Their Treat Spots are perfect for stuffing Planet Dog’s eats, treats made in the USA from healthy, all-natural ingredients.

Woody Joins Multipet

Multipet International has acquired the licensing rights to Woody Woodpecker and has launched a product that resembles the iconic cartoon character. “Woody is joining other nostalgic characters in our dog toy collection,” says Leslie Yellin, executive vice president for the Moonachie, N.J.-based company. “We are offering a plush dog toy that emits that infectious laugh that has made Woody a lovable character for decades.” 

Canidae Updates Packaging

Canidae Natural Pet Food Company redesigned the packaging for its premium line of Life Stages dog foods. CANIDAE All Life Stages, Chicken & Rice, Lamb & Rice and Canidae Platinum bags will all feature a fresh new design that showcases the company’s unique HealthPLUS Solutions in Every Bite.

The new packaging emphasizes eye-catching graphics with easy to read product features and benefits and will be introduced with new, accompanying point-of-sale materials for retailers and consumers to help convey the HealthPLUS Solutions in Every Bite messaging.

Beginning in March, consumers will see the new packaging for Life Stages dry formulas appear on the shelves at their favorite, independent pet food store with new matching labels for the four complementary can formulas following closely behind.

Hi-Tek Unveils Natural Formulas

Hi-Tek Rations (booth 2679) has added two formulas to its Naturals line. Chicken Meal & Barley Fitness Formula with Oatmeal and Tapioca, and Lamb Meal & Barley Formula with Oatmeal and Tapioca are the latest additions. Both formulas feature omegas-3 and -6 fatty acids. The Fitness Formula is rich in DHA.

Pooprageous Waste Bags

PetRageous Designs (booth 2957) has introduced Pooprageous waste pick-up bags. Made with a cornstarch base, the bags are 100-percent degradable. Three packaging sizes are available: a bone-shaped bag holder with four rolls of bags, a set of eight refill rolls totaling 120 pick-up bags, and a set of 12 refill rolls totaling 180 pick-up bags. Each size comes in a red or blue hydrant print.

Walk in the Park

Quaker Pet Group’s (booth 2455) Sherpa Park Tote is a convenient and stylish bag that easily converts from a pet travel carrier to a blanket for the park. Its quilted design features a side window with a roll-down privacy flap, a roll-back mesh sunroof panel and a side pocket for storage. The tote also features a faux lambskin liner. It unzips entirely and transforms into a comfortable blanket. The Park Tote is available in two color combinations: brown with leopard lining and gold hardware, and black with zebra lining and silver hardware. The small size is for pets up to 6 lbs., and the medium size is for pets up to 12 lbs.

Coastal Adds Patterns to Pet Attire Line 

Coastal Pet Products (booth 1967) has added five new full-line pattern options to its Pet Attire Ribbon line. The expanded collection includes Navy Blue Plaid, Orchid Bouquet, Pink Paisley, Red Skulls and Yellow Buttercup. The collection is available in collars, leashes and Designer Wrap harnesses for a complete wardrobe. The collars feature a lightweight aluminum buckle and are available in 5/8 and 1-in. widths, with sizes ranging between 8 and 26 in. The 4- and 6-ft. leashes match the collars. The Designer Wrap Harnesses are available in the same five patterns. The fabric harnesses have adjustable nylon straps and are lined with lightweight, breathable mesh to keep dogs cool and comfortable. The harnesses come in XXS, XSM and SML sizes.

Fluff & Tuff Debuts Characters

Fluff & Tuff (booth 2978) has added three new characters to its toy line. The new toys include Sadie, an 18-in. floppy grizzly bear; Monty, a 40-in. python snake; and Truman, an 8-in. owl. Fluff & Tuff’s original designs range from 7 to 12 inches in length. Sadie is 50-percent bigger than the company’s current large toys and is very floppy. Monty comes with multiple squeakers. Each toy features the plush fabric that has become a hallmark of Fluff & Tuff toys.

Hi-Bio Food

Hi-Bio, from Evanger’s (booth 3606), combines the benefits of raw food and the convenience of kibble. The gentle drying process of 85-percent meat and zero grains or glutens offers dogs higher moisture levels, making it easier to digest while enabling nutritional adsorption. Hi-Bio utilizes AllTech ingredients—SelPex, BioPlex and LactoSacc—to help support healthy digestive and immune systems, and mineral bioavailability. The food is more than 85-percent meat based, using the freshest, whole, unprocessed meats, fruits and vegetables.

Zuke’s Redesigns Grain-Free Treat Packaging

Zuke’s (booth 3835) has redesigned the packaging for its grain-free treat line. The re-branding seeks to honor Zuke’s founder Patrick Meireing’s dog, Zuke. The company’s line of grain-free treats include Z-Filets, Jerky Naturals, Z-Bones, Lil’ Links and G-Zees. The grain-free treats do not have fillers or additives, and are wheat and corn free. Zuke’s products are made in the USA.

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