A Precise Formula

Kirk Young, executive vice president of Precise Pet Products, explains how the company is reinventing itself while staying true to its roots.




Kirk Young



Pet Business: Tell us about Precise Pet Products’ approach to pet food. What sets Precise Pet Products apart from its competitors?
Precise Pet Products is one of the few remaining companies that controls the process of making pet food from start to finish. For example, we have used many of the same ingredient suppliers since 1979 to ensure quality control before it enters our own plant. This is highly important today because consumers are increasingly concerned about where ingredients come from and where their foods are made. Precise is a small, family company that cares about pets. In fact, most of our employees have pets, which is the reason we strive to make pet food of the highest standards and performance to ensure a long, healthy life.

So, what sets us apart from most of our competitors? Our income is solely based on the performance of the pet foods we make. We are not bankers, and we do not make other products like candy, detergent, toothpaste and such.



PB: What are the most notable trends in pet food?
Consumers are doing more research than ever on pet foods. They want to know about the company behind the foods. Is the company doing everything to ensure proper safety and quality control? Are they local, are they family-based? Precise can proudly answer, “yes” to those concerns. Safety and quality control will be the big trend in foods for the foreseeable future.

In addition, grain-free foods are no longer a trend but are now a standard formula in the market. What is now changing is the price consumers are willing to pay for grain free. I believe the industry is maxing out on what consumers are willing to spend, and here at Precise, we have done our best to provide the highest level in food performance at the right price.


PB: What are the latest introductions on the market from Precise Pet Products?
2014 rings in a big year for Precise. We are re-introducing our original Precise line of formulas with a new name, new packaging and some improvements to formulas that will make the line one of the top performers on the market. Precise Naturals ushers in a new future for our company and brings a fresh new look for our brand. Our Precise Naturals Grain Free Lamb Formula for dogs is the newest formula in the Naturals lineup. We also have a new Weight Management formula for both dogs and cats, and our cat foods have all been improved with hairball and odor-control ingredients—all without a price increase to the consumers.

For Precise Holistic Complete, we have our new Grain Free Salmon Formula for dogs, and also for cats. In addition, we are proud to introduce a Grain Free Pork Formula for cats.

We will also introduce our first in-house-made treats for dogs in the Precise Holistic Complete line. The new Healthy Habits treats combine a tasty treat that is functional for heart health and one that separately highlights healthy joint care.


PB: Food quality and safety is an important concern to pet owners. How does Precise Pet Products ensure the safety and quality of its products
Precise incorporates a multitude of steps, from choosing the right suppliers, to holding those suppliers accountable by having signature safety steps in place before the ingredients leave their farms, to multiple steps at entry to our plant. Safety samples are taken on our weight scales, and then a number of tests are done during the cooking and finishing process to assure quality and consistency. We then have finished-goods protocols in place to ensure that the product ships to our customers in the proper way, so the consumer receives the best possible foods. Precise takes our name seriously; we are “precise” in everything we do.



PB: What does the future hold for the company?
Precise’s future is very bright. The company has had some major transformation in the last five years, but that pales in comparison with what is coming in the future. I look at Jan. 1 as the “start” of Precise Pet Products Company. We are in a major re-launch of Precise Naturals with new product introductions and packaging, new Precise Holistic Complete formulas and entry into the treats market with our healthy new treats. But, this is nothing compared to our 10-year plan that is just now starting. Retailers can get on board now and ride the “Precise wave” for many years ahead! 


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