For Pets & Their People

Officials from Fringe Studio discuss how the company’s Pet Shop brand provides the kind of gifts that are loved by pets and pet owners alike.



Tell us about Pet Shop by Fringe Studio. What inspired you to get into the pet business? What types of products do you offer? 

As a gift company, pet lover items, like trinket trays and mugs, have been in our assortment for years and have proven to be some of our best-selling SKUs. This evolved into adding more pet lover items into Fringe and eventually creating a separate brand under Pet Shop for all our pet and pet lover items.


How does Pet Shop by Fringe Studio’s mix of products for pets and pet lovers complement one another?

As a design company, we’re always focused on creating great art curated by our own Fringe artists. Since we do offer both pet lover and pet functional products, we’re able to offer trendy and fun designs for both pets and pet parents. You can find a really great mug for yourself with a matching bowl for your dog!


What are some of the most popular pet products offered by Pet Shop by Fringe Studio? What are the key selling points of these products? 

Our toys have become the fastest-growing category in the last year. We think they’re clever and unique. As much as they appeal to the actual pet, our toys are an emotional purchase by the pet owner. After all, who wouldn’t want to give their dog a T-REX with a floaty to play with?!


What are some of the most popular products Pet Shop by Fringe Studio offers for pet lovers? What makes these products stand out in a retail setting?

People love our mugs! Whether you’re looking for your specific breed of mugs or your favorite quote on a mug, most likely you can find it in our assortment. Since everything we do is hand-painted, hand-drawn or hand-written, there’s a uniqueness about our mugs that make them special. Whether it’s a gift or self-purchase, we offer our mugs in multiple sizes and shapes. 


Beyond offering innovative products, how does Pet Shop by Fringe Studio help pet retailers drive sales in their stores? What types of merchandising and marketing resources do you offer?

We stand behind the quality of all our products. We make products that are unique in design and use the best quality materials and sell them at competitive prices.


What does the future hold for Pet Shop by Fringe Studio in the pet category?

For 2020, we’re focused on growing our toy business and bringing more fun and more options to the pet toy market. 


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