Groomer's Helper Purchases New Headquarters



Groomers Helper purchased a new facility to expand operations in manufacturing, distribution and associated pet product sales. 

The new facility, currently in the process of being retro-fitted for the company needs, is targeted to be fully operational by the end of February 2020. 

“We were simply busting at the seams,” said Chuck Simons, inventor of Groomers Helper. “We were renting storage and warehouse space all over the area to accommodate our growth. Consolidating all operations in one new facility, expanding our sales team, and keeping all of the Groomers Helper family in their jobs without relocating very far were all part of this decision.” 

The new three level facility already has over 6000 feet of finished working space with approved construction plans to significantly increase the overall size of the building. 

“It was time to bring all of our operations under one roof,” said Simons. “All of our brands have experienced significant growth over the past several years, and with the recent addition of the ReThink line of pharmaceutical grade CBD products for pets and pet parents we need room for a full sales team which we simply could not accommodate in our old footprint." 

Groomers Helper manufactures overbuilt arms, clamps, and grooming accessories in the industry. Over a million dogs a day are safely groomed with the Groomers Helper Safety System in salons from the largest operations with thousands of outlets, to single independent family businesses. 


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