Harnessing the Power of CBD

Bill D., CEO and founder of CBD Living Pet, explains why his company’s approach to CBD results in products that offer superior bioavailability.


Tell us about CBD Living Pet. What is the company’s background? What inspired you to bring the power of CBD to pet care?

I have always had a deep love and appreciation for the pet world. When my Chow Chow, Chopper, passed away a few years ago, I knew I wanted to help bring wellness to pets. In dedication to Chopper, I started working side by side with our in-house scientist to come up with the best CBD pet products on the market. Utilizing natural ingredients with CBD together, we created CBD Living Pet to make a difference in the well being of our pets.  


What separates CBD Living Pet from other CBD-focused companies? What makes you stand out in the marketplace? 

We wanted our pet line to be completely focused on the needs of dogs and cats. Apart from having CBD, we make sure each product has a fully researched technology and delivery system behind it to make sure CBD is digested or absorbed properly.  This ultimately makes our products more bioavailable than anything else on the market.

We also wanted to add clinically documented ingredients that support the reasons why your pet may be anxious or stressed in the first place, from digestive issues to skin allergies or ailments related to aging. To sum it up, we are more than just CBD; we want to provide complete care for your pet. 


What are some of the most popular products offered by CBD Living Pet? What are the key selling points of these products?

Currently our shampoo, conditioner, tinctures and Water Boosters are the most popular. As for the topicals, in general, we have a retention-hydrating technology that allows our nano-water soluble CBD to not only be absorbed to the bloodstream, but also stay on the skin for a longer period of time. 

Our tinctures have an appealing taste to pets and, apart from CBD, they have DHA-omegas from a vegan source. Finally, although delivered as an oil, it is supported by a self-emulsifying system that creates a micellar structure around the oil droplets for quicker absorption once in the digestive tract. 

The water booster is a water-soluble CBD liquid that can be added to a water bowl without a taste or smell. This is the highest form of bioavailability in a delivery, and it allows pet owners to inconspicuously give CBD to even the pickiest pet. 


What are some common mistakes or misconceptions that retailers must overcome to be successful in the CBD category?

Education for retailers is very important, so asking manufacturers questions about product technology, quality control and raw material sources is vital. Being knowledgeable about your pet’s endocannabinoid system, the effects of CBD topically, as well as what happens when it is ingested, will drive consumers to trust the products you are carrying and take your suggestions to the register.  


Beyond offering innovative products, how does CBD Living Pet help pet retailers drive sales in their stores? What types of merchandising and marketing resources do you offer?

As for product education, CBD Living helps retailers to be more knowledgeable about our products, which helps them answer customer questions. Our customer service team is available throughout the business day for immediate assistance. Marketing and merchandising is coming in the form of educational pamphlets and displays, and our graphics design team is available for anything you may need for your personal location.


What does the future hold for CBD Living Pet? 

We will be launching soft and hard bake chews, along with freeze-dried meat bites. The first launch will be for calming and digestive support, followed by the launch of chews for more specific conditions, such as cognitive, joint and mobility support. You should expect to see these in early 2020. 


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