Hauspanther Unveils Premium Freeze-dried Raw Treats, Toppers and Complete Meals for Cats



Hauspanther is releasing a new line of USA-made freeze-dried single ingredient cat treats, meal toppers with functional support supplements, and complete and balanced full meals for cats at Global Pet Expo. 

The new freeze-dried products are the latest addition to the Hauspanther Collection manufactured in partnership with Primetime Petz. The line focuses on premium ingredients that provide cats with the exact nutrition they need to be active and healthy.

“I have tested these products with my own cats and I am very excited to share them with other cat owners who really care about what they feed their cats,” said Kate Benjamin, founder of Hauspanther and creator of the Hauspanther Collection. “Cats are designed to eat raw food that is mainly meat, organs and bone, and freeze-drying is the most convenient and best way to give them exactly that.” 

The New Hauspanther freeze-dried line will be available by the end of March 2020 online and at retailers nationwide.


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