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In a perfect world, pet owners would be able to take their animal companions anywhere they go, including on trips and vacations. However, not all places are welcoming towards pets, and some animals may not have the temperament for travel. With the holiday season in full swing, pet owners may be traveling more often and leaving their furry friends at home. Retailers can provide valuable advice and helpful products to make this stressful situation easier for both pets and their owners.


When dog owners leave town, they’re relying less on kennels and more on apps like Wag! and Rover. These apps have become more common among dog owners as a way to find a dog sitter. Retailers should keep on top of these tech trends and be prepared to offer them as an option for pet owners who are nervous about boarding their pups. The apps include options for a dog to stay in its own home and be visited by a sitter, or for it to stay in another home.


Retailers can also offer tips to help pet owners keep their animals comfortable while they are away. If a customer is choosing to board their pet in a place with other animals, they should make sure that their pet is comfortable with this kind of situation. For instance, if an owner is choosing to board their cat or dog in a home with other pets, they should have an initial meeting before the boarding happens where the animals are introduced to each other. This meeting can determine whether the animals are comfortable with each other and lessen the probability of future conflict between them.


Pet retailers can pair this advice with helpful products. They should be ready to provide their customers with sleek and comfortable carriers that make transporting pets as easy and as stress-free as possible. They should also offer calming products that customers can leave with their pets’ temporary caretakers. These products can include CBD-based relaxation aids for both dogs and cats. Retailers can also suggest unique items designed to ease anxiety. smartpetlove’s Snuggle Puppy is a stuffed animal that mimics the heartbeat and heat source of a mother dog. Cuddling with it allows a dog to feel more at ease during stressful times.


In addition to offering new products, retailers can also advise their customers to use the familiar to comfort their furry friends. Before traveling, pet parents should make sure that their pet has its favorite toy or a clothing item with its owner’s scent. By being reminded of the people and things they love, pets can better handle being left behind.


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