How Are Cat and Dog Owners Monitoring Their Pets?



Pet owners, today, don’t have to wonder about what their furry friends are doing all day. Technology has made it possible to record and even live stream pets left home alone. Cameras can record each and every moment of a pet’s day for owners to enjoy, to check in on an older, younger or sick pet, or to witness whatever trouble a pet may get into.


Now, a nationwide survey conducted by Wakefield Research and funded by Comcast, is providing some insight into exactly how pet owners are using this technology to monitor their cats or dogs, as well as the behavior they're uncovering while away from home.  


According to the survey, which included 1,000 dog or cat owners who check in on their pets with video, the most common times for owners to break out their pet cams are when they’re on vacation, at a party, at the gym or at work, respectively. The survey also found that pet parents with pet cams are more likely to check up on their furry friends than to look at social media accounts.


For pet parents with separation anxiety, seeing their pet safe and sound at home is a source of comfort. The most common activities pet owners reported seeing included sleeping, relaxing, wandering around and playing, along with some other not-so-innocent activities. Pets have been caught sitting in forbidden places, making excessive noises, eating human food that has been left out, damaging furniture or accessories, hiding or moving objects around the home, and more.


Understanding how much pet parents enjoy getting glimpses of their pets’ day home alone, Comcast decided to offer a “Pet Filter” for its Xfinity Camera. The new feature is designed for owners interested in their pets’ lives and not interested in shifting through hours of footage to catch a few moments of activity. The filter uses artificial intelligence to zoom in on the activity of the pet and creates a thumbnail image that makes it easier to find and view later on. As a result, users should spend less time rummaging through footage and more time viewing whatever interesting shenanigans their pet gets into.


“We developed this feature to help our customers quickly filter motion-triggered events by people, vehicles, or pets because we wanted to bring them the video clips that matter most even faster,” said Dennis Matthew, vice president and general manager of Comcast’s Xfinity Home. “It’s an intelligent home security solution that enables our customers to easily check in on their loved ones from anywhere, anytime.”


Based on the Wakefield study, it is clear that pet parents are embracing pet monitoring technology—a trend that is sure to only become more prominent in the future.  Smart pet retailers will position themselves to take full advantage by making sure they stock the latest technological advances for keeping track of furry friends. 


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