How Do Dogs Fit Into the Family Unit?



We’ve all heard that dogs are now considered full-fledged family members by many of today’s owners, but what does that really mean? A new survey from SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence provides a few insights into how pet parents treat their four-legged family members. 


Sleeping Habits

One of the key identifiers of dogs as family members is the household sleeping arrangements. Half of survey respondents said that their dog sleeps in a family member’s bed, while another 32 percent said that their dogs slumber in a family member’s bedroom. Northeastern dog owners were most likely to report sharing a bed with their pup, with 60 percent saying they snuggle their fur baby at night.


Hovering Parents

Another way pet parents are just like regular parents: they worry—a lot. According to the report, 82 percent of dog owners said they thought about their dog’s safety when out of sight. Over half (56 percent) said they wanted their pet sitter to send regular updates and photos.


A majority (60 percent) reported they are not comfortable letting their pup roam off leash in unfenced areas. Dog owners in the south were the least worried about their dog going off-leash, with only 27 percent concerned about the scenario compared to 39 percent in the northeast.


Travel Companions

Today, dogs are just as much on the go as other members of the family. However, traveling can be an issue according to survey respondents. In fact, 37 percent said it is too inconvenient to travel with their dogs and 59 percent have never stayed overnight at a hotel with their dog.


The full survey report can be viewed here


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