How Much Time Do Owners Spend with Their Cats?



Felines may be known for being aloof pets, but that doesn’t stop owners from spending a tremendous amount of quality time with their cats. In fact, according to a new poll, cat owners spend 1,016 hours a year—or 20 hours a week— devoted to their feline friends.

The study, commissioned by Fresh Step, surveyed 1,000 pet parents about their behaviors and attitudes toward their cats. Another key finding of the report: more than half of cat owners acquire their fur babies through some form of adoption. A majority (22 percent) adopt through a county or state shelter, 16 percent from a friend or relative, and another 13 percent from a cat-specific rescue.

Owners’ obsession with their cats is also reflected in their social media. The survey found that cat owners take seven photos of their cat a day—three of just their cat and four photos with their cat. Owners also followed an average of seven cat-related social media accounts.

In addition to spending time with their cats, pet owners also showed they’re willing to spend money on their felines. Half of respondents said they have purchased electronic toys for the cat, 40 percent have built climbing towers and 37 percent have provided “catios” for their cat to play in.

Other insights from the survey include:

• 60 percent of cat owners described their cat as loyal, and 54 percent said they were well behaved.

• Almost half of respondents said their cat cuddles with their regularly.

• 65 percent of owners have traveled with their cat.

• A majority (three-quarters) of owners reported that talking to their cat can be therapeutic.

• Many owners said their cat helped them through a difficult time, such as moving to a new place (36 percent); starting a new job (33 percent); or grief (33 percent).


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