How Natural Fragrances are Driving Innovation in Pet Products

Fragrances designed with pets in mind go beyond just smelling great; they are created with the latest safety standards in mind and offer odor eliminating technology.



As hard as it is to choose a shampoo for yourself, it's equally hard to choose one for your beloved fur baby. Let's face facts: Scent is at the top of the list in both cases.  Dog shampoos come in a variety of scent profiles, from soothing lavender and chamomile to a tropical papaya and coconut scent that'll make it feel like you're on vacation with your favorite furry friend.  The best smelling scents need to be more than just pretty, though— they can deodorize, have a calming effect, help repel insects and make your pups' coat shine. Most importantly, they need to be safe.   

As consumers increasingly look to natural products to help care for their pets, the market is responding to fill this need.  Pet grooming fragrances, which closely follow the market for hair care fragrances, are evolving to meet natural standards.  This can include fragrances positioned with essential oil callouts—such as lavender oil to calm or neem oil to get rid of fleas and ticks—to all-natural fragrance formulations.  Once regarded as harsh and unpleasant, all-natural fragrances now span the olfactive spectrum to include a variety of scent options including fresh and clean, tropical and fruity, and creamy and comforting.

Custom Essence creates conventional and all-natural fragrances that comply to today’s strict regulatory standards.  This knowledge and expertise in fragranced pet product categories—from cat litter to grooming—allows Custom Essence to create one-of-a-kind scents inspired by the latest market trends without compromising safety. 

The company has developed a pet friendly collection of fragrances called Green Paws Safe Scents®, which are formulated with the latest safety standards in mind.  This collection is vegan and free from phthalates, known carcinogens and mutagens. 

Additionally, as consumers look for solutions that help rid foul odors from the home, it is important that the products they use are designed with pets’ wellness and safety in mind.​  Custom Essence has developed ClairScent®, a malodor technology system that helps eliminate unpleasant odors.​ 

Let Custom Essence help you design your next generation of pet grooming and litter products that will excel in the marketplace.

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