How Pets Help with Dating



Looking for love this Valentine’s Day? If you’re considering trying out one of the dozens of dating apps, you might have more luck if you include a photo with your pet, according to a new report.

OnePoll, on behalf of “I and love and you” pet food, surveyed 2,000 Americans who have used dating apps (half of whom were pet owners), and found that 63 percent of respondents said that having a cute dog in their profile helped them succeed with online dating.

It’s not just pet owners taking advantage of cute animals; over a third of respondents (39 percent) said they’ve borrowed a friend’s dog to use in their profile. This can sometimes backfire, though, since another 39 percent have swiped right because they wanted to meet the dog in their photo more than the person.

Unfortunately, pets can also get caught in the middle when relationships fall apart. According to the survey, 37 percent of respondents have experienced a breakup involving a pet, and 69 percent said they missed the pet as much as they missed their ex.

“We believe pets are people too, so not only can a breakup be heartbreaking with your human partner, it can sometimes be even harder knowing you won’t see your furry companion every day,” said Lindsey Rabaut, vice president of marketing at I and love and you. “We want the best for them, even more so after a breakup.”

If the dating apps still don’t work, pet owners can still have a great Valentine’s Day with their four-legged companions. In fact, 60 percent of Americans said they would prefer spending the holiday with a pet over a partner. 

“Pets make the ultimate Valentines. They love us unconditionally year-round. One of our favorite ways to show our pets love is treating them to a delicious and nutritious meal,” said Rabaut.

The top three ways respondents said they like to show their pet love on Valentine’s Day were:

1. Buy them a new toy (45 percent)

2. Give them a special dinner (44 percent)

3. Buy them a special treat (44 percent)


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