How To Easily Start Your Own Pet Treat Brand



Are you looking to get started with your own brand of pet treats, but you're not sure where to start? Developing your own line of treats can be easier than you think. The first step to getting started is to decide how you want to approach and brand your treats. Generally, businesses decide to do one of the following:


  • Sell treats in bulk or by the pound
  • Decorate and sell custom treats
  • Package and sell treats as branded items



Market Position

The next step will be to decide how you want to position you treats in the market. The pet industry is always evolving, and trends are continually moving toward providing healthy and all natural treats for pets. According to the 2017 APPA National Pet Owner's Survey, the second most popular type of treat dog owners buy are natural treats. Dog owners are continually looking for treats that are not only good tasting, but healthy for their dogs.


Offering a treat or flavor that is unique and different than the standard treat is a good way to make your business stand out and ensure customers continually return to your store(s). Some of the latest and most popular trends include:


  • Spent grain
  • Bakery mixes
  • Wheat, corn and soy free
  • Superfood ingredients
  • Low fat
  • Grain free



Where to Get Treats

If you’re looking to slowly get started in the marketplace without a huge investment, The Pound Bakery offers a bulk treat program that is perfect for companies looking to start their own branded treat lines. With over 52 flavors and varieties of bulk treats available, it is easy to purchase treats that are already proven in the marketplace.


These treats can be purchased in bulk and either sold by the pound or ounce under different brand names or packaged without a huge investment. This allows companies to try out different flavors or functional treats and see how their customers respond initially and grown from there.



Packaging Regulations

If you are planning to purchase treats in bulk and relabel or sell them under your own brand name, you will need to make sure you follow your state's guidelines and get your treats registered.


Most states require pet treats to be regulated by the State Department of Agriculture. The state will either require registration of product labels or will require a feed license for the firm that makes the pet food products (from AAFCO). For more information or advice on making sure your business is following regulations email us at


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