How a Leading Natural Litter Just Got Better

The new packaging from Naturally Fresh makes it easier than ever for cat owners to choose the best formula for their feline friends.



Naturally Fresh is the go-to for all-natural cat litter. Now their packaging reflects that.


What’s Changing?
The refreshed packaging features a more natural look that aligns with the eco-friendly, sustainable litter. More walnut details are included on the package to help tell the story of the main ingredient — biodegradable walnut shells that organically neutralize odors.

Most importantly, the new packaging helps consumers choose the best formula for their cat kids—thanks to clear differentiation between products and detailed formula specifics.

The description on the front of the bag now helps pet parents quickly identify and differentiate between the Naturally Fresh formulas, as each formula meets different needs of cat owners. More detailed product information on the back allows pet owners easily decide which formula will work best for their household. Naturally Fresh knows pet owners have a deep love for their cats and want to provide the litter that’s best for them; now it’s even easier for them to find the formula that fits, whether they have one cat kid, four cat kids or more.

Formulas sporting the new look include Quick-Clumping (green bag), Multi-Cat (red bag), Ultra Odor Control (yellow bag) and Alpine Meadow Scent (blue bag).


What’s Staying the Same?
The litter inside is the same biodegradable litter pet parents trust and cat kids love!

• Made from walnut shells, which neutralize odors organically.
• Three times more absorbent than clay (so it lasts three times longer!).
• Biodegradable, certified sustainable and annually renewable.
• Non-GMO, non-toxic and perfume-free.
• Soft on cats’ paws and free of harmful silica dust.

What else has stayed the same? Those photogenic cats on the front of each bag, so loyal customers can quickly recognize their go-to formula.


Why Were Changes Made?
Naturally Fresh Cat Litter is eco-friendly, sustainable and all-natural, so it was only right for the packaging to reflect the brand and product more accurately. Since 2010, Naturally Fresh has made walnut shell litter from walnuts grown in California. Committed to sustainable practices, Naturally Fresh eliminates waste by utilizing walnut shells to create litter and produce it in a solar-run facility. It’s all so they can make a litter that’s good for cats, people and the planet.


What’s Coming Next?
This is just the beginning for the new Naturally Fresh look. While the new packaging is initially being released for the four top-selling Naturally Fresh litter formulas, the two remaining formula packages are being refreshed as well—Pellet, Non-Clumping (purple bag) and Herbal Attraction (orange bag).


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