How a POS System Optimizes Pet Stores


Managing a pet shop is nothing like managing any other shop. Pet retailers, with their wide inventories, special services and personal connection to owners, have unique needs. An eye on customer loyalty is key, and robust inventory management can make or break a location. 

Lightspeed is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) provider with the tools to help pet shops overhaul and optimize the way they run their business. 


Meet Lightspeed Customer, Woouf
Since 2015, Woouf as served dog owners with exceptional pet education, high-quality products and a dedication to all things dog. 

Though they carry a wide selection of products for pets, Woouf prides itself on being more than just a pet shop. When Woouf shoppers bring their canine companions in-store, they can meet with dedicated dog behaviorists patrolling the in-store dog park. Dog owners can book time with them to get a deeper understanding of their dog’s training needs. As a full-service stop for pet owners, Woouf also offers grooming appointments to keep dogs looking their best.

Woouf knew they needed a fully featured system that would allow them to serve their customers to their full potential. The right POS would be able to handle a large volume of varied inventory, help them manage their in-store services and be flexible enough to sell online without investing in a whole new system.


Supercharged Sales
With Lightspeed, Woouf can track shopper and pet details in customer profiles built into the POS—this way, their staff isn’t pressured to remember details on the spot. The easily searchable profiles also help new hires maintain a consistent quality of service with shoppers.

With their mobile POS, Woouf’s staff is better equipped to promote their wide range of products and can look up product information or check stock availability for shoppers anywhere in the store. And if a customer ever has a special request for a product they don’t carry, a staff member could easily order it for them through the built-in vendor catalogs, so they never miss a sale.

The extra product visibility and flexibility of Woouf’s POS goes a long way in capturing every sale opportunity and converting more customers into regulars.


Smart Scheduling
Because Lightspeed Retail is cloud-based, it’s easy to add extra integrations and customize its capabilities to meet specific needs. Woouf added booxi to their POS to keep their grooming appointment schedule in one centralized location. 

The beauty of booxi is how flexible it allows Woouf to be for their grooming clients. Any staff member can book appointments, they just need one of the in-store iPads to look up availability. Customers can also book their own appointments on self-serve kiosks if they prefer.

The lower the friction to make an appointment, the happier the customer—and the more they’ll visit.


Easy eCommerce
Selling online opens up a whole new revenue stream for retailers. Balancing the effort required to manage it with the potential of a large increase in revenue can be tricky. The best way to ensure a return on your investment is by choosing a POS that centralizes your stock, acting as a database for both your online and in-store inventory.

Woouf integrated Lightspeed eCom into their retail POS to sync up their online and in-store inventory. When new stock comes in the store, one click in the backend sends the product information to Woouf’s site, and when someone buys something in-store or online, stock levels are automatically updated in real-time. 

Running Woouf’s online store is as simple as checking their Lightspeed POS, and the extra accessibility means Woouf can be there for their regulars at all hours.

Woouf uses Lightspeed to get the most out of their business. With Lightspeed, Woouf can manage their inventory, appointments and online sales seamlessly,  freeing up their staff to spend more time with customers and their pets instead.



Alix Fraser is a Product Content Specialist at Lightspeed HQ. She delights in finding ways to deliver actionable insights to retailers and restaurateurs. When she’s not cooking up data-driven blogs with valuable tricks and tips, Alix is on the hunt for new ways Lightspeed can help entrepreneurs bring their cities to life.


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