How to Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat Month



If you love cats, then this is the month for you. Every year in late spring, millions of kittens are born and June marks the height of the season. Unfortunately, this baby boom leaves shelters overcrowded and cats of all ages struggle to find homes.


Since this is also the ASPCA’s official Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, it’s the perfect time for retailers to get involved and help in the effort to find new homes for shelter cats.


Pet Supplies Plus stores across the country, for example, are hosting adoption events and offering discounts to customers on cat-related products for the entire month. Staff members will be on hand to help owners find the best products for their newly adopted feline family members, and in-store visitors can also pick up a copy of the New Pet Parent Checklist.


"Our National Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month in-store adoption events are designed to help animals in need, and make a meaningful impact in the community," said Pet Supplies Plus CEO Chris Rowland. "Our goal is to help increase awareness and facilitate more adoptions. With our high volume of shoppers, we can help a significant number of cats find their forever homes."


For retailers interested in generating awareness of cat adoption in their communities, here are some other great ways to get involved this month – or any time of year.


1. Create a “New Cat Parent” Display

Craft an in-store display of all the products owners will need to welcome their new furry bundle of joy, like food, litter, toys, scratching posts, collars and food/water bowls. Not only will this generate awareness of cat adoption, but also help boost sales.


2. Spread messages online

Another easy way to promote cat adoptions is to utilize your store’s social media accounts. Simply share links to local shelters’ pages or, better yet, post or tweet about adoptable cats in your area.


3. Partner with local shelters

Take the next step by reaching out to local shelters to share information in-store about adoptable felines, co-host an adoption event or plan a fundraiser. This is a great way to make community connections and do some good at the same time.


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