How to Celebrate National Dog Week

As we're about to hit the halfway point of National Dog Week, here's some easy ways to celebrate.



This year marks the 90th anniversary of National Dog Week, which takes place during the last full week of September. This year's theme, “At Your Service – ‘ALL-Ways,’” emphasizes the unconditional love that dogs have for their owners. National Dog Week was founded by Captain William Lewis Judy in 1928, with the goal of teaching pet owners and the community about the responsibilities of owning a dog at a time when their primary living space was a chain in the backyard. From Sept. 23 to 29, PACC is cutting its adoption fees in half while pet owners and non-pet owners alike are finding ways to celebrate


There are seemingly endless ways for dog owners to celebrate their furry family members: it could be something as simple as spending a few extra minutes on your daily walk or something complex as hosting an event that brings together all the dogs in your neighborhood. You can take your dog to the local pet store and allow them to pick out a new treat or toy, fill their bowl with your dinner leftovers (given that the meal is safe for dogs to consume), feed them an extra treat at snack time or even just hug them a little longer and tighter. 


Non-dog owners can donate supplies –– whether it be food, toys or medicine –– to local shelters, look into paying an adoption fee or inquire about possible veterinarian expenses for vaccinations, infections, and spaying and neutering. However, getting into the swing of this week doesn't necessarily have to cost you money: you can volunteer a couple nights at your local shelter and assist with cleaning cages, playing with the dogs or taking them for a walk. You can buy a toy or a biscuit for your friend's dog and, of course, there’s always the option of adopting or buying one yourself.


It goes without saying that you shouldn't only do nice things for dogs once a year because the calendar, news and social media says you should. Shelters and rescues are always in need of supplies, volunteers and monetary donations, while furry family members deserve to be loved unequivocally all year. Remember that you are your dog's world; it's so important to make sure that they're taken care of every day. 


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