How to Give Back to Pets This Season



‘Tis the season for giving! So, in between the last-minute shopping and gift wrapping, why not take a moment give back to animals in need? 

Retailers can help encourage this charitable spirit by sharing all the different ways customers can make a difference for pets in your community. Here are just a few philanthropic ideas to pass along to animal lovers. 


1. Donate items to a shelter.
Pet shelters always need supplies, so encourage your customers to consider picking up a few extra necessities like a bag of kibble, leash or litter next time they’re in the store. They can even donate gently used blankets or towels that they would otherwise throw out.

Retailers can even save pet owners a trip by setting up a donation collection bin and dropping items off at a local shelter. 


2. Foster a pet.
Fostering is a big commitment, but it makes a big difference. By fostering a pet, you can give a homeless cat or dog a temporary home, which makes room in the shelter for more animals in need. It also helps prepare pets for their forever homes by socializing and training them. 


3. Volunteer time.
If you don’t have cash to spare, you can also give back with your time. Ask your customers to consider volunteering at a local shelter that needs extra hands; enter a charity run and raise money for an animal-centric cause; or, get together some friends and family to collect donations for a pet-focused charity. 


4. Let pups be blood donors.
Your canine customers can also give back by becoming blood donors. Canine blood banks are still relatively new but are available on both a national and regional level. In general, donors need to be in good health and meet certain weight requirements. Contact the canine blood bank nearest you to find out more. 


5. Make a monetary contribution.
Of course, the quickest way to give back is to make a financial donation to a reputable shelter or charity. Pet owners can also ask for contributions in their name in lieu of other gifts this holiday season!


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