How to Include Pets in a Wedding



This wedding season, you may see some extra furry guests walking down the aisle. Recently, it’s become increasingly popular for couples to include their fur babies in the festivities as they tie the knot.


For retailers, this trend presents both a sales and customer service opportunity. Not only can pet stores stock up on pet wedding gear like bow ties and dresses, they can also serve as an educational resource for customers.


Here are four tips for including pets in a wedding ceremony for retailers to pass along to their shoppers this wedding season.


1. Choose a role that fits your pet

Don’t expect your dog to be on his best behavior just because it’s your wedding day. Pets will always be themselves, no matter the occasion. So, if your pup is well trained and great with crowds, make him the ring bearer. If he is easily overexcited or anxious around big groups, consider just including him in the engagement photo shoot.


2. Make sure the venue is pet-friendly

If you’re planning on including a furry family member in your wedding day festivities, be sure to clear it with your venue well in advance. Policies can vary from place to place, so check the fine print on your agreement. 


3. Communicate with your guests

Not everyone is comfortable around pets—whether it’s due to allergies or other reasons. Clearly state on your wedding invitation/website if your pet is attending, so guests aren’t surprised when they arrive.


4. Assign a pet wrangler

The bride and groom already have plenty to worry about on the big day. Ensure your pet gets the undivided attention they deserve by asking a friend to help out or even hiring a professional pet sitter.  


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