Independent Pet Partners Releases Crisis Pet Prep Guide for Families



Independent Pet Partners (IPP) created Things My Human Knows, a custom caregiver guide to make sure pets are properly cared for in times of crisis. 

The customizable manual, made in collaboration with pet parents, vets and pet experts, is a sharable pet prep guide for pet families to document pet information such as name, nicknames, feeding directions related to food and nutrition, exercise routine, bathroom habits, commands, house rules, social skills and temperament, playtime preferences, toys and even where to find the leash and pet food. Owners are also prompted to fill out important information, like vet contacts and microchip details.

IPP has launched a #petprep marketing campaign to reach pet owners with this exclusive resource. In addition to completing the manual, IPP recommends pet families identify a primary and secondary caregiver, display pet inside” stickers, stock up on essentials, keep ID current and build a grab-and-go emergency kit.

“Our pets are a valuable part of our lives and families yet having a plan in place for their care during unexpected or even expected circumstances is often overlooked,” said Tricia Nichols, IPP chief marketing officer. “The best time to make a plan for who takes care of your pet, and how, is right now. To help, we created a customizable guide that can hold all essential information so pet parents can ensure familiar routines are kept and stress is reduced.”

IPP has also put together a wide variety of wellness resources and practices to ensure pets thrive during this stressful time. The company is offering a new shopping option for pet families to buy online and pick-up orders in-store or curbside to make sure customers can get all their pet essentials and still adhere to social distancing policies. Its recent wellness series includes helpful at-home guides on grooming, stress relief, nutrition, indoor play and mental health. The series was inspired by IPP’s 5 Pillars of Pet Wellness, which were developed through a collaboration between IPP and the University of Denver.


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