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Instant Success

Instant Ocean focuses on education to ensure customer success.

Biting Into Dental Health

Oral care products represent one of the fastest-growing categories in the pet industry, and retailers would be wise to get in on the boom as early as possible.

Grooming by Skin & Coat Type

Just as in the human beauty industry, there are products designed to enhance or reduce almost any feature and to alleviate any problem.

Getting a Business Loan

Before turning to a bank for a business loan or line of credit, pet store owners should fully understand how the process works.

The Pulse of the Industry

The World Pet Association offers some tips on how pet specialty retailers can stay connected to industry news and retailing information to improve their businesses. By Doug Poindexter, CAE

Diet Directions

There is now a greater variety of food manufactured for small pets, and retailers can increase sales by recommending these diets to customers.

Specialty Aquariums

Specialty tank setups that are created by store staff present a unique option for customers used to seeing ordinary pre-packaged kits from the store’s competitors.

Growing a Green Business

Pet Business talks with West Paw Design CEO Spencer Williams about the greening of the pet industry and the trends that are driving toys and bedding.

Deep Cleaning

Birds have a sensitive respiratory system that is susceptible to air quality, so owners and retailers need to act with care when cleaning their cages.

A Clear Picture

Feline Travel

Retailers can help cat owners prepare for trips by arming them with necessary travel products and helpful advice.

Black-Belt Marketing

Like those who practice karate, successful marketers must be skilled, diligent and intense.

Reptile Lighting

Lighting is a scientific matter when it comes to herptiles, so retailers must relay this important information to the consumer.

Replicating Success

Retail franchises have long been dominant players in the pet industry. However, while joining a pet store franchise or franchising an established retail concept may be attractive options, neither move should be made without significant due diligence.

Clean & Green

It’s up to pet retailers to help customers find eco-friendly cleaning products that satisfy their needs.

E-Newsletters Made Easy

A well-designed and rigorously maintained e-newsletter program is an efficient and affordable way to drive more shoppers into a pet specialty store.

February 2010 Advertiser Index

Canine Snacks

Besides making dogs happy and compliant, treats and chews might be the single most powerful product category a store can have in tough economic times.

Mass. Mulling Non-Economic Damages

Planet Dog Foundation Helping Search Dogs in Haiti

Bamboo Adding Safety Gates

All Pet Supply USA Adds Four Lines

New Hartz Grooming Tools

Woof Gang Bakery Awards Development Rights

North American Pet Products Acquires CASCO

OurPet's Enhances Branding Strategy

Distributor Annoucements

No Sale Today

The Pet Loo

New Year�s Resolutions

New Manufacturer Rep Company

Kakadu Launches Cot & Coat Lines

Petmate Redesigns Fresh Flow

Canus Expands Shampoo Line

Personnel Announcements

New Online Distributor

Cyber Search

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