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Ethical Products Recognizes Pet Supermarket

A Cautionary Tale of Compromise

CarMax's Super Bowl, Puppy Bowl Co-Commercials

Radio Systems Corporation Partners with Channel ID

Budweiser Clydesdales Make a New Friend in Super Bowl Spot

Guest Stars at Global Pet Expo

Fluff & Tuff Donates to Rescue Group

Puppy Bowl Practice Held at White House

A Peek Inside the PIDA Management Conference

Phillips Partners With LightSpeed for Pet Retail Business Kit

Porcupine Picks Super Bowl Winner

N.J. Canines Compete in Barker Bowl

Insta-Graham: Ed Sheeran's New Kitten

Social Media Spotlight

Cycle Dog Opens Factory Showroom

Ruff-ing It in Sochi

A Puppy Bowl or Kitten Bowl League of Your Own

Ryan's Pet Supplies Named Jerry Wilson & Associates Customer of the Year

Now Starring at Sundance: The Pedigree Adoption Drive

Kathy Ireland to Speak at Global Pet Expo

Kathy Ireland to Speak at Global Pet Expo

National Answer Your Cat's Question Day

Bionic Pet Products Donates Toys to Four U.S. Shelters

Bayer HealthCare Invests in Manufacturing Operations

HABRI Names Executive Director

Emmy Rossum's Comeback Cat

The Sterns Have a Soft Spot for Kittens!

EcoTech Marine Honored for Responsible Corporate Conduct

Jonathan Adler: Animal Artist

Nestlé Purina PetCare Acquires Zuke's Performance Pets

PetSmart Names New CEO, Management Team

Vanderpump's Rule: Kindness is Always in Style

Infinity Diamond Offers Keepsake Diamonds Made with Carbon from Pet Hair

Discovery Communications Partners with Gramercy Products for Puppy Bowl Product Line

National Dress Up Your Pet Day is January 14th

New Treats Provide Age-Specific Health Support

Miller Manufacturing Acquires Allied Precision Industries

Carrie Underwood Cleans Up at Animal Shelter

The Power of Data

Bum-Knee Buddies: Pro Skier Lindsey Vonn Adopts a Dog

APPA Promotes from Within

Kaley Cuoco Sweeting Makes Big Bang with Groom's Cake

Tetra Develops Water Care App

The Shelter Project: Worth a Closer Look

GloFish Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Your Most Important Resources

Worldwise Inks Deal with Kathy Ireland

Doggy Delights: The Woof Menu at Shake Shack

Quaker Pet Group Debuts Duck Dynasty Pet Products

A Top-Shelf Agenda

Coastal Pet Donates Grooming Tools to Ohio Humane Society

Adopt a Celebrity

Energy-saving Tips for Pet Owners

Creating a Cozy Workplace for Pets

Aquatic Experience Draws Thousands

Swift Cat Photobombs New Year's Pic

Can You Relate?

Every retailer knows that customer service is key, but customer relations-a more personal and nuanced aspect of retailing-is just as critical to a store's overall operation.

True Colors

Corn snakes remain the popular choice of hobbyists in many pet stores, but tri-color snakes display a vibrant array of desirable-and saleable-characteristics.

Product Round Up: Dog-Walking Essentials

From staying hydrated to easy waste-management, these noteworthy products make walking the family dog a breeze.

Winter Washing

A sudsy bath or even a trip to the groomer is not always ideal in the winter, but retailers can offer an array of bathing solutions and alternatives.

Keeping it Fresh

Offering new products as they become available helps keep the small-animal department exciting.

Driven by Devotion

Having built Cardinal Laboratories on a foundation of innovation, Tony de Vos has created a company “devoted to pets, people and the planet.”

Leadership Checklist

The best storeowners and managers are those who can get the most from their staff.

Cat Toys Go Viral

Retailers can leverage people's love for playful felines with a well-curated cat toy category.

A Reason to Smile

More pet owners are incorporating dental care into their pet's routine at home, making the category lucrative for informed pet retailers.

Parrot Playgrounds

All birds need toys to stay happy and active, but having a dedicated play space can be essential to a parrot's wellbeing.

A Better Way to Handle Bereavement

Eternal Rest Pet Caskets president and founder John Girton discusses how his company was driven by personal experience to fill a previously unmet need among grieving pet owners.

Head of the Class

The 2014 Pet Business Top 25 Retailers List reveals that North America's mid-sized pet specialty chains continue to grow stronger-thanks, in large part, to a clear focus on service and nutrition.

Making Sales Soar

Boosting dog food sales is not rocket science, but it does require retailers to focus some energy on presentation and promotion.

Staying on Top

Up to Speed on Supplements

With so many natural supplements to choose from, pet specialty retailers need to have a quality assortment and an educated staff to make the most of the category.
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