Pet I.D.

These pet tags identify pets, can serve as a fashion statement and more.




iMARC Engraving System’s ( Service Dog ID Tags are made from high-quality aluminum and come in large and small red circles. The tags feature a Dog On Cross symbol or the Universal Medical symbol displayed on its front, while the back of the tag can be custom engraved with contact information, medical information and/or any other information desired. There are eight types of Service Dog ID Tags available.


MyFamily’s ( Hushtag collection tags are noise-free and have a core made of brass or aluminum, with an external rubber casing. In addition to noise elimination, the tags will remain stratch-free. The collection comes in different shapes and colors, and is made in Italy.


SiliDog’s ( Pet ID Tags are 100 percent silicone, jingle-free, never fade and glow-in-the-dark. SiliDog Tags are available in a variety of classic shapes and colors, including over 20 new designs. Fully customizable, all important ID information fits on the tag, along with a “Sili” saying. The tags are lightweight and durable, available in sizes for all breeds.


Platinum Pets’ ( Pawsitively Safe Pet Tag works with the Pawsitively Safe Lost Pet Finder by assigning each pet a unique code that’s listed on their tag. If a pet goes missing, the tag’s code can be inputed to the company’s website, which will generate a link to contact the owner. Blue and pink Pet Finder tags are available for both cats and dogs.


VIP Engravers’( patented Dragon counter top engraving system offers a line of high definition UV print pet identification tags. The UV tags and all VIP products are engraveable in-store using the new patented VIP Dragon engraving machine, featuring its patented auto clamp ID table. The Dragon eliminates the need for tag cassettes, tag holding fixtures or bar code scanners.


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