The Highest Standards

Glenn Novotny, CEO of Emerald Pets, explains how his company’s commitment to sourcing and making its products in the U.S. ensures safety and quality.




Emerald Pet Products is well known for its commitment to making its treats in the U.S. using domestically sourced ingredients. Why is this so important to you? Sourcing in the U.S. allows us to follow our ingredients from farm through production with clear tractability. It gives us and our customers confidence that we are using high-quality ingredients that have passed the same stringent quality standards that we follow as a company. In addition to safety and tractability, sourcing ingredients and producing domestically supports local farmers and local jobs. Just like our customers, we always make sure we are feeding our own pets the best possible ingredients each and every time.   

What are some of Emerald Pet’s best-selling treats? What makes these products so popular with pets and their owners? Our well-rounded product line has many unique products that satisfy even the pickiest eaters. 

Our Twizzies All-Natural Dog Chews are very popular and have been our best sellers for many reasons. The most important feature of the products in our Twizzies line is that they are made using no fillers, grains, sugars or sweeteners. Twizzies are 100 percent digestible, which makes them a safe and healthy alternative to rawhide chews. The reason we make Twizzies as an alternative chew is the safety of knowing that even if a dog is a gulper, we don’t have to worry about blockage, since the treat will completely dissolve. 

On the cat side, our Feline Dental Treats have a large following. Our Feline Dental treats are grain-, gluten-, soy-and dairy-free. They are also unbelievably delicious without using any salts or sugars. Cats are historically picky when it comes to their palate. We know our Feline Dental Treats feed extremely well while using only high-quality U.S.-sourced ingredients without having to resort to the common tricks that are used in lower-quality treats.

Emerald Pet also offers a popular lineup of dog toys. What are some of your standout products in that category?  Our Snug n’ Tug line of toys match the look of our Twizzies dog chews line. We offer Piggy, Chicky, Turducky and Peanutty characters that match our treats. Customers love that their dog can now have a matching toy to complement their favorite Twizzies. 

Our toys are durable, lined with a tough material, have double stitched seams and only use embroidery for the features for safety.  Stores love that our toys look like cute farm animals that match the Twizzies and allow them to merchandise the treats and toys together with a theme. Our most popular characters are the Piggy and the Peanutty characters. My dog’s personal favorite is our large Piggy. It doesn’t matter how many toys he gets or from what brand, he always carries his Piggy as his favorite toy.

What does Emerald Pet have on tap for Global Pet Expo? Will you be launching any new products? Some of our newest products will be on display at Global Pet Expo. We recently introduced a fantastic line of treats called Pumpkin Harvest that are shaped like a pumpkin. These treats have a delicious smell with a chewy texture that dogs are crazy about. We made these health treats with pumpkin puree as the first ingredient to be easy on tummies. The other item we recently introduced is our new Fresh Pack tubs of our Feline Dental Treats. These are a value size of our already popular treats in a larger tub designed for easy feeding. We are also launching another new line at Global Pet Expo, with more details to come.

How does Emerald Pet help retailers drive sales? What types of sales and marketing support do you offer to pet stores? Emerald Pet has many pieces to support the retailers and help drive sales. We are firm believers in getting our products into the hands of the end consumer. The majority of our products have sample sachets available for retailers that support our line. Typically, only the large food companies have samples, so having our samples available has been very well received by our retail partners.

Recently, we launched a new floor standing shipper with the best of our line in the treat category to help introduce the customer to our line by creating an easy merchandising solution and aisle disrupter to highlight our line. Combining the shipper with our sachet samples to our strategic partners has helped us and our retailers make sure the customer has a firsthand experience with the Emerald Pet brand.  PB


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