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Congress Considers Banning Pythons

Evanger's Calendar Contest

APPA Honors Young Poets

KAYTEE’s Pet Ownership Campaign

New Luxury Brand

Sizing Down

Sleepypod Crash Tests

Fresh Displays

In order for a display to be successful, it must be fresh, eye-catching and appeal to a store’s foundation customers.

New Mulligan Stew Endcap Display

A Legacy of Innovation

The KAYTEE brand provides the highest quality foods and accessories to enhance people’s enjoyment of birds and small animal pets.

New Accessories for Litter-Robot

Herptile Marketing

How to use media, neighboring stores and business associates to get a store’s name out into the community.

Lillibed Introduces New Beds & Bowls

Green Grooming

Creating a natural grooming section in a pet store can help the store’s reputation while boosting product sales.

Pet-Aire Launches Allergy Reducer

Recovery or Rhetoric?

Pet Afrique Enters Pet Industry

Fab4pets Reveals Dockdogs Line

Hedging for the Holidays

To ensure a joyful yuletide season, pet specialty retailers will need to do a lot of careful planning, yet stay flexible enough to respond to what may still be an unstable economy.

Mendota Offers Online Ordering

Setting Prices

To price grooming services correctly, research costs and demographics, then calculate markup.

Water Features

Fountains, spitters, waterfalls and streams provide necessary aeration, oxygenating the water and keeping fish healthy.

A Decorated Aquarium

Décor items like plants, rocks and gravel not only enhance a tank’s environment, they greatly contribute to a pet store’s bottom line.

New Door Displays

Oprah's On Twitter – Are You?

Social media platforms offer new ways to attract customers.

Bird Company Takes Flight

Logo, A Go

A great pet store logo should inspire confidence, communicate goals and begin building relationships with customers.

Ethical Launches Purina Accessories

Small Pets Are Big Business

Pet Business recently sat down with Tom Pletcher, director of marketing at Absorption Corp., to talk about the popularity of small pets and eco-friendly bedding products.

Lending a Helping Hand

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 brings positive changes for Small Business Administration lending.

Take the Lead

Though a staple product category, storeowners can use collars, leashes and harnesses to create exciting displays that will boost the store’s bottom line.

Backer Show Teams with World Reef Conference

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