KAYTEE’s Pet Ownership Campaign


CHILTON, Wis.—KAYTEE Pet Products launched an informational campaign throughout the U.S. to promote ownership of birds and small pet animals during trying economic times. The company is partnering with well-known pet expert Marc Morrone to illustrate the benefits and economics of pet ownership during a recession.

According to Kathy Evens, KAYTEE vice president of marketing, “We think it’s important to let people know that they can own inexpensive pets and birds that will provide the same benefits of comfort and companionship as a dog or a cat for a fraction of the cost. Parents who choose to have birds or small animals in their households will find that this is an excellent and inexpensive alternative to larger and more expensive pets, and their children will learn the same lessons in responsibility and animal care.
 “Marc is the perfect spokesman for this campaign. He’s a well-known pet expert who appears regularly on Martha Stewart’s syndicated TV show, he’s authored a number of books on bird and pet care, and he owns his own pet store. We’re extremely happy and excited to be working with him.”

Morrone will be taking his message public with media interviews across the country, in addition to his weekly satellite radio program. He will produce a dozen educational videos on the personalities of individual pets to help parents choose the right pet for their children. Morrone will also make a scheduled
appearance at the Wisconsin State Fair on August 7, during KAYTEE Pet Products Day.

“Having a bird or small pet enhances family fun and togetherness and you don’t have to be wealthy to enjoy them. Getting this message out to the public is our way of spreading some good news in these trying times,” says Evens.

For more information, please visit kaytee.com.

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