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LittleGifts Gains Warehouse

Pouch Mates

Ruff Wear’s New Gear

PlaqClnz Poster

Pet Head Cleaning Line

KONG Cozie

Deserving Pets Supplements

Cat Food Cans Dispenser System

Stray Media Group Enters Industry

Ohio Pet Foods, Inc acquires Blackwood Pet Food

Zoomark International 2011 A Success

July 2011 Ad Index

Natural Noshing

Once just a niche category, natural pet treats have become an essential part of many pet specialty stores’ offerings as consumers become more discerning about what they feed to their pets.

Good Neighbor, Great Business

Successful pet retailers understand that philanthropic efforts can not only benefit the local community, but also help them meet their business goals.

Ordering Made Easy

After nine years of steady growth, Wholesalepet.com has re-launched with a multitude of new features and additional benefits for retailers.

A Supplement Syllabus

Providing shoppers with a list of small-animal supplements can educate them, simplify their choices and encourage sales.

A Clean Bill of Health

Retailers and their staff need to be sure that customers understand how to clean cages, accessories and the surrounding area to ensure the health of their pet birds.

Miniature Market

The nano-aquarium category is growing by leaps and bounds, and retailers should position themselves to make the most of it.

Doing the Business

Dog owners’ need for clean-up products creates a great opportunity for pet specialty retailers to cross-promote categories and generate sales.

Small Treasures

Tom Pletcher, director of marketing at Absorption Corp, talks about how retailers can leverage the small animal category.

HABRI Takes Center Stage

The Human-Animal Bond Research Initiative aims to promote pet ownership by highlighting the human health benefits associated with animal companionship.

Viva Variety

When selling pythons and boas, retailers should tap the market for the many variations available.

Lessons from 2007

Guarding the Food Supply

Pet retailers must do everything they can to ensure that the food products they sell are safe or risk putting the lives of pets, and their stores, in jeopardy.

Open Me!

Email subject lines can make or break a store’s communication with customers online. Retailers need to draft subject lines that get their emails noticed and opened.

Feeding Felines

An educated store staff can help cat customers to select the best feline diets available to meet the specific needs of their pets.

Blowing Hot Air

Finding the right dryer to suit a grooming salon’s needs is a matter of understanding pets’ needs and the equipment options available.

Health on the Shelf

As pet owners become more proactive about the health of their pets, they look to pet store aisles for solutions to common concerns.
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