Step Up to the Podium

Carina Evans, CEO of Podium Pet Products, discusses how the company is driving success for retailers with a fast-growing portfolio of pet care solutions.




Pet Business: Earlier this year, Dog Rocks was renamed Podium Pet Products. What inspired this name change?

Carina Evans: The name change reflects the company’s broader ambition and commitment to growth within international pet markets.

Podium Pet Products is a home to innovative pet product solutions. Our overarching brand allows us to strengthen our portfolio and emphasize our commitment to the pet care sector. We have ambitious line extensions and new product development plans with the aim of providing a range of pet product solutions across the UK, European and North American markets, with APAC next. Our flagship product is Dog Rocks—a natural solution to pet urine burn marks on grass—but we have since grown and have more eggs in our basket.


PB: What are some of the brands in Podium Pet Products’ portfolio?

Evans: Our growing portfolio includes:

Dog Rocks—a 100 percent natural prevention and cure to pet urine burn marks on grass, shrubs and hedging. It is sold through Podium Pet Products in Europe and North America.

Pet Remedy—The only natural solution to stress and anxiety in all household pets, it is sold through Podium Pet Products in North America.

Torus Water Bowl—This is a travel-friendly watering system that auto refills and filters water without the need for batteries or power. It comes in one-liter or two-liter variants and is sold through Podium Pet Products in Europe.

PetproBio—A natural prebiotic supplement for pets’ overall health and wellbeing, it is sold through Podium Pet Products in Europe.

Pet Angel—These stylish, antibacterial grooming tools for all pets are designed and produced by royal and celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward. They are sold through Podium Pet Products in the UK, Europe and USA.

Non-Tip Feeder—A safe, durable and stackable feeding solution for horses, it is sold through Podium Pet Products in Europe.


PB: Can you tell us a bit about the new line of grooming brushes Podium Pet Products plans to introduce at this year’s SuperZoo?

Evans: We are really excited to introduce Pet Angel brushes to the pet world at SuperZoo. These brushes are not just stylish and chic, they are also the only antibacterial brush in the world. They come in three sizes and are suitable for all pets. We have a fabulous sales history with the product line in the UK market, and we are excited to be bringing it to the North American market.



PB: What are some of the other exciting new products from Podium Pet Products?

Evans: We have experienced a rapid change in a short time and continue to grow. We are always on the lookout for exciting new products helping pets and pet parents. For example, we have a line of natural solutions for pets and their parents in development, which will be ready for the market in spring 2018.


PB: What types of marketing support does Podium Pet Products provide?

Evans: Savvy retailers know that maximizing profit means smart marketing. However, it can be challenging for retailers to devote as much time to marketing as they need. To support that effort, we work very closely with our retailers and help increase sales and build a loyal customer base. From providing free training and product video demonstrations to driving shopper traffic to stores via both online geo-targeted and offline marketing campaigns, we have a number of resources in place to create consumer demand for our retailers.  PB


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