A Focus on Marshall Pet Products

Amanda Altman, marketing coordinator for Marshall Pet Products, explains how the company has spent the past 80 years earning its reputation as the premier supplier of ferrets and ferret products.




Tell us about Marshall Pet Products. What types of products does the company offer? What makes you stand out in the marketplace? Here at Marshall Pet Products, we are the ferret experts. We specialize in everything that a ferret needs to have a happy and healthy life. There is nobody in the marketplace with our experience or expertise in the breeding, raising and feeding of ferrets!

How does Marshall’s involvement in breeding ferrets help inform its approach to designing products for these popular pets? Gilman Marshall went into business breeding ferrets in 1939 with the mindset, “Ferrets will teach us.” Over the past 80 years, that is exactly what the ferrets have done—taught us.

From developing the best practices for breeding to developing the freshest and highest quality nutrition to creating a catalog of products to fulfill all aspects of the ferrets’ lives and behaviors, the ferrets have guided our efforts. Our company of ferret enthusiasts work to engage and educate every household that chooses a ferret to be part of their family with the knowledge we have learned.

We are constantly testing new products and observing the ferrets’ behaviors with each product before they get released. We only use our own products on the farm and generations of animals have proven that they are perfectly created for our animals.

What are some of Marshall’s most popular products/lines? What makes these products popular with pet owners? Marshall Premium Ferret Diet and Marshall Premium Ferret Litter are stand-out products in our lineup.

Ferrets are sensitive creatures and their systems can react negatively to ingredients such as dairy, carbs from certain grains, fruit or vegetables. Over time, these additives and fillers can cause problems. The best thing a ferret owner can do to ensure their pet’s health is to feed them a high-quality diet. Fresh protein is crucial and is the featured ingredient in each and every serving of Marshall Premium Ferret Diet.

Ferrets use the litter pan every two to three hours and require a litter that has incredible absorbency and odor control. Our recycled natural paper fibers and special odor control ingredients work together to neutralize unwelcome ammonia odors on contact. The paper pellets are 400 percent more absorbent than traditional litters and do not break apart when wet or cake to the bottom of the litter pan. And most importantly, this litter is dust free. With ferrets having extremely sensitive respiratory systems, it is important that the litter used doesn’t cause upper respiratory distress like some traditional litters can.

What are some of the newest product introductions from Marshall Pet Products? What are the key selling points of these products? We’ve got some really great new products, including our 24-in. Ferret Swimming Pool, which was introduced at the Global Pet Expo earlier this year and won third place in the small animal category of the New Product Showcase. This pool is crafted with high-grade, industrial strength PVC material to help it stand up to all your pet’s fun. It conveniently folds down for effortless portability and storage, allowing you to set it up anywhere, with no inflating necessary—just unfold the pool and fill it with water! Marshall’s Ferret Swimming Pool can be used for a variety of purposes and pets. It is a great way to help keep any small pet cool during the summer months, but it can also be used as a portable dig box or for bathing—especially if your furry friend isn’t fond of traditional bathtubs.

Marshall’s Fresh & Clean Ferret Litter will be available this month. In contrast to the Marshall Premium Litter, this litter is made from a single-source byproduct stream of 100 percent clean virgin cellulose fiber. The clean paper pellets absorb 400 percent more than traditional litters and will allow you to use less litter yet absorb more waste. The clean, white appearance makes it easier to observe your ferret’s stool and evaluate their health. And with this product being all natural and precycled from a sustainable source, you can feel good about your litter choice.

Marshall’s Betterview Gate will be available for purchase later this summer. The durable, galvanized steel frame is strong enough to hold up to the wear and tear of a busy family with a frisky business. Clear plexi panels allow for complete security from your little Houdini escaping but allows you a complete and unobstructed view of your ferrets. The gate is 24 in. tall and expands to cover and opening of 24-36 in. wide.

What types of sales and marketing support do you provide for retailers? Education is our best tool. We have created PowerPoint decks, instructional PDFs and are working on creating a series of videos to help educate our retailers on the continual care, health and wellness of our animals. We have worked with retailers with multiple locations to have regional training sessions and have supplied stores with in-store signage, brochures and petter clings to help consumers make an educated purchase. In January, we introduced Ferrets Quarterly, a lifestyle magazine for the ferret owner. Making sure that our animals are taken care of properly once they leave the farm is our biggest concern. We work to educate the retailers and customers alike to ensure that all of our animals live happy, healthy lives with their human families.

What does the future hold for Marshall Pet Products? Do you currently have any new products in the pipeline? We don’t see any signs of stopping or slowing down! In fact, the demand for pet ferrets increases year after year. They are the No. 3 domestic pet in America, and we will continue our legacy of being America’s No. 1 ferret breeder. With that, our product line up is only going to improve. We are constantly prototyping new product ideas and testing their popularity with the ferrets at our headquarters.

Some fun products in the testing facility today are a portable dig box and substance for digging, a treat dispensing ball and supplemental chews.

If there is ever a product or challenge that a ferret owner has, we want to know! We encourage good ideas to be private messaged to us on our Facebook page @MarshallPetFerrets or directly emailed to ferrets@marshallpet.com.  PB


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