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Mini Hay Burners

Thinking of rabbits and guinea pigs like little horses helps to focus on the products and supplies needed to keep them healthy.

A Perfect Union

WellPet prides itself not only on making the healthiest natural products for pets, but also on supporting specialty retailers, whom they consider the backbone of the industry.

Medicated Shampoos and Conditioners

There are hundreds of shampoos and conditioners that have a medicinal effect on skin and coat.

A Powerful Ally

Pet specialty retailers can depend on their distributor partners as a source for sound advice and reliable service.

Marine Livestock Trends

When it comes to catering to marine hobbyists, retailers should concentrate on choosing and displaying a variety of livestock.

An Exotic Challenge

Retailers that deal in exotic pets must navigate a jungle of challenges and scrutiny from regulators.

Variety in Cat Litter

Almost all of the 38 million cat households in this country use litter, which means the product is a integral part of every pet retailer’s business.

Away from Home

Linda Parks, president of Lixit Animal Care Products, tells Pet Business about the steady growth of the pet travel category.

Monitoring Monitors

Stocking monitors, a large and highly variable group of lizards, can increase a store’s profile in the pet community.

Lapping It Up

Many major trends in the pet industry have affected the feeding and watering category.

PETA in the Boardroom

Supplementing the Canine Diet

For retailers, treats and supplements can generate high margins and repeat business.

The Perfect Habitat

Retailers should advise bird customers about proper temperature, humidity and lighting requirements.

Building a Greener Pet Business

In order to keep up with the green movement, pet retailers must cultivate an education on eco-friendly products and business practices.

Small Business Tax Update

The federal government has instituted a number of significant tax law changes that every small, independent pet retailer should understand.

New Green Bay Pet Food Line

Radio Systems Acquires Vet Ventures

New Pet Business Phone Numbers

Nutri-Vet First-Aid Display

Nylabone’s New Chews

Distributor Annoucements

Good Deed or Bad Partnership?

ValuePetSupplies.com Selling Wholesale

TFH Publications Honored

Tropiclean’s New Website

New Local Directory for Dog Owners

Opie & Dixie Launches Organic Line

PetZen Launches DogTread Website

Exotic Challenges

Beefeaters Acquired

New Paws Aboard Display

Nylabone Launches Website

DuckyWorld's New Display

Personnel Annoucements

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