Shedding Light on Leashes & Collars

Len Horowitz, founder and CEO of 4 Paws Tech, discusses how his company is making dogs “beautiful by day and visible by night.”



Pet Business: Tell us about 4 Paws Tech. When was the company founded? What inspired the creation of the company? 

Len Horowitz:
The company was founded last year after my Golden Retriever, Mia, had a terrifyingly close call with a car during an evening walk. Not to sound cliché, but the idea of providing safety through visibility stuck with me and I started looking into the market.
When discussing the wearable pet safety market with members of the industry, I was surprised to learn that aesthetically pleasing and consistently high-quality LED and reflective products were hard to come by at a cost-effective price and thus, 4 Paws Tech was born. 

PB: Tell us about your lighted and reflective collars, leashes and harnesses. What makes these products stand out from others in the market?

Our Nightlight LED and Starlight reflective line of collars, leashes and harnesses are truly the brightest and best looking products on the market today. The product line is bright and bold in the sunlight and highly visible in the dark, featuring a solid light or multi-speed flashing modes to grab the attention of motorists or passersby.

The Nightlight LED line offers a seven-plus hour battery life when continuously used, and recharging is as simple as using any USB charging device. The battery holds its charge for over a month’s time, so taking your 30-minute walks means that you don’t have to recharge for over two weeks. Each LED product is equipped with heavy-duty hardware and reflective “baseball stitching” to deliver unprecedented visibility and durability.

Our Starlight reflective series of collars, leashes and harnesses are manufactured with five rows of reflective stitching to make sure that your dog is visible in any light source and any intensity. The Starlight collars have a contoured buckle to ensure that your best friend is secure when wearing our gear.

Both our Nightlight and Starlight series are available in four color options and four sizes covering the gamut of most breeds.

PB: What are some of the other types of products you offer beyond collars, leashes and harnesses?

Staying true to our mission of making dogs beautiful by day and visible by night, we manufacture a line of all-season jackets for our four-legged family members. Our Starlight jacket features large reflective panels and vibrant colors to make dogs as visible as possible, while staying dry, warm and fashionable. Our jackets are fleece-lined, waterproof and washable, so dogs can be free to get into the dirt and have some fun.

We also just released our Adventurer series LED walking jacket for humans. The Adventurer is a great day or night jacket, made of a breathable waterproof fabric and LED lighting strips on both the front and back to keep pet owners dry and visible. With three waterproof zippered pockets (one of which doubles as a poopy bag dispenser) the jacket is extremely functional, and our customers feel confident that motorists can see them while being fully equipped for a long walk with their dogs. Our walking jacket also features a removable, zippered hood, which folds back up in the collar for those unpredictable weather days.

The lighting system is powered by a USB rechargeable battery and the battery is easily removed when washing your garment. Similar to the Nightlight line, the lighting system has solid light or multi-speed flashing modes controlled from a large rubberized button easily accessed by the pocket.

The USB rechargeable battery holds its charge for 30-plus days and has a 10-plus hour use time. The jacket is fully charged in three hours and there is a red/green indicator light so you can gauge the battery charge level.

PB: 4 Paws Tech is a supporter of the North Shore Animal League. What does giving back to charities like this mean to you? Why did you choose North Shore Animal League specifically?

4 Paws Tech is forming partnerships with several worthy organizations that help better the lives of abandoned and abused animals, because the company believes that those who cannot speak for themselves should have a champion to do so for them. We partnered with NSAL because of their amazing work as the largest no-kill shelter in America. I think all animal lovers know that by adopting a dog or cat in need of a home, our lives are enriched tremendously. It’s a win/win. We also support the ASPCA and The Humane Society with donations throughout the year. We recently pledged a 4 Paws Tech safety product for every dog adopted to the Shelter Connection for the entire 2016 calendar year.

PB: What kind of merchandising and marketing support can pet stores that carry 4 Paws Tech products expect from the company?

Our success is based solely on the success of our authorized partners, so we have developed an exciting marketing portal and we’re currently working on an intuitive co-op program. The program will include social media exposure in the retailer’s geographic area and content for window clings and POS displays. More details will be announced in the coming weeks.

PB: What does future hold for 4 Paws Tech?

The future is bright for 4 Paws Tech. We are excited about the development of new wearables and will continue to improve upon our solid foundation of product offerings. The industry is growing rapidly, and we fill a niche within the market. Our line of safety-centric products is all encompassing, and with our price point and new dealer program, we are a great partner to our retailers.


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