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Sarah Salva, director of marketing for H&C Animal Health, discusses how the company’s growing product lineup is helping pets live happier, healthier lives.




H&C Animal Health founder Chuck Latham already had a long history in the pet industry before creating the company. What made him decide to get into the business of manufacturing pet healthcare products? Chuck saw an opportunity to help consumers get the health care their pets needed more conveniently than the traditional vet visit. Before H&C, most clinically proven and vet-recommended health care products were only available through your veterinarian. H&C works with other animal health companies, and creates its own brands, in order to make pet owners’ lives happier and easier.



H&C Animal Heath offers two industry-leading nutritional supplements for dogs—ActivPhy and Pet-Tabs. How do these products help promote canine health? What makes them different from other products on the market? ActivPhy is a vet-recommended, clinically proven hip and joint supplement for dogs in the form of a (delicious) soft, moist chew. It contains MSM and glucosamine—two common ingredients in most hip and joint supplements. However, it also contains blue-green algae extract, turmeric and omega-3 fatty acids, which are natural anti-inflammatories. Reducing inflammation allows the MSM and glucosamine to penetrate further in to the joints, helping to maximize their effectiveness.



H&C Animal Heath also offers pheromone-based calming product lines for dogs (ADAPTIL) and cats (FELIWAY). How do these formulas help pets deal with stressful situations? What are some of the specific products (i.e., delivery methods) included in these lines? When a dog or cat feels stressed, they can display behaviors that we may consider troublesome and unwanted. A dog experiencing stress might lick excessively, bark, tremble, shake or go to the bathroom inside of the house. If a cat is stressed, it may scratch in unwanted places, pee outside of the litter box or hide.



ADAPTIL and FELIWAY mimic the natural calming pheromone each species uses to communicate safety and security. With these odorless “comforting messages,” ADAPTIL and FELIWAY help dogs and cats feel calm and relaxed in stressful situations and are clinically proven to reduce stress-related behaviors. Since pheromones are only recognized by their coinciding species, people or other animals outside of that species won’t be affected.


The ADAPTIL Calm family of products provides a variety of calming solutions for dogs including plug-in diffusers for constant calming in the home, collars for calming both in and outside of the home and a travel spray for calming on the go. FELIWAY CLASSIC is available as a plug-in diffuser for calming at home and a travel spray for calming on the go.



Catego for Cats is a popular flea and tick control product formulated specifically for felines. How does Catego work? What makes it the flea and tick control method of choice for many cat owners? Catego for cats is the only product with the unique combination of three proven active ingredients: dinotefuran, fipronil and pyriproxyfen. It’s clinically proven to kill fleas fast—within six hours. Its patented applicator minimizes the risk of skin abrasions, and its non-greasy formula dries quickly. Lastly, because of its low-volume formulation, Catego works on all sizes of cats (older than eight weeks and weighing over . lbs.), so no more buying different doses for different cats in your household!


Are there any new product lines that H&C Animal Health has recently introduced or will introduce soon? What are some of the key features of these products? H&C is always working to develop new products to enhance your pet’s health. Recently, H&C introduced Feliscratch by FELIWAY, the only clinically proven solution to redirecting your cat’s scratching from unwanted places (like your couch) to a scratching post. Expect to see many more innovative releases by H&C that are proven effective and vet recommended coming to a shelf near you very soon.

Aside from offering an expanding lineup of high-quality health products, how does H&C Animal Health help drive sales for pet specialty stores? What types of sales and marketing support can retailers expect from the company? H&C supports their products and retail partners with strong marketing plans. From digital outreach to national TV campaigns, it is H&C’s goal to educate the consumer and build brand awareness to drive traffic into retail stores. H&C also utilizes shopper marketing such as CRM campaigns and in-store displays and demonstrations. At H&C, there is a belief that education and recommendation start at the retail associate level, so there is a heavy focus on providing samples and educating our retail partners.

What does the future hold for H&C Animal Health? The future for H&C holds many more releases of clinically proven products to enhance the health of your pet’s life. We will continue to make health care solutions readily available and convenient for consumers through our retail partners.  PB


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