Just for Fun

With this selection of high-quality toys made for chasing, chewing and more, retailers can help customers keep their pets active and entertained.



Fluff & Tuff’s Lola Flamingo features a long neck and floppy legs, making it an ideal toy for dogs that like to shake and toss their toys. Fluff & Tuff’s machine-washable toys feature classic designs, ultra-plush outer fabric and durable mesh liners. Lola is a large toy measuring 18 in. tall, and the company offers a wide variety of plush toys in sizes ranging from mini to extra-large. 


 has used the same material from its Climbers Rope Leashes to create the Monkey RopeTugz, a durable tug-of-war toy. The rope has been tested to withstand more than 1,000 lbs. of weight, ensuring the Monkey RopeTugz will last through bites, tugs and pulls. A single piece of rope runs through the whole toy, making it extra strong. 




The Orbee-Tuff Snoop, from Planet Dog, is an award-winning interactive puzzle toy designed to activate a dog’s mind and energize play. Pet owners can fill the toy’s crevice with treats and watch their dogs pounce, nudge and nose the toy to release the hidden reward, or press a 2.5-in. ball into the center for an extra challenge. Snoop’s flexible opening pops out for easy loading and cleaning. All Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff toys are made in the USA, 100 percent guaranteed, durable, minty, non-toxic and recyclable.



A new line extension to the popular, durable Play Strong Rubber dog toys, Ethical Products Play Strong Foamz are designed with a strong rubber foam that is soft enough for dogs to sink their teeth into but durable enough to hold its shape. The lightweight design makes the Foamz an ideal toy for indoor or outdoor playtime. The toys also float, making them easy to find in the lake or pool. Five of the toys feature a hollow center for treats or peanut butter, while the other three include durable twisted rope for an interactive tug toy that helps massage teeth and gums for a healthy smile.



The newest addition to
OoMaLoo’s selection of toys is a panda, handmade with a knitted body, crocheted features and embroidered details. Inside the belly of the bear is a durable ball with a squeaker. It is available in a 6-in. medium size and an 8-in. large size. The panda is made with polyester and acrylic yarns, polyester stuffing and a vinyl ball. It is machine washable. 



Mammoth Pet Products SnakeBiter toys are made with tightly woven poly-cotton rope and durable materials designed to keep pets entertained for hours. Ideal for strong chewers, SnakeBiter toys help dogs maintain good dental hygiene while enjoying interactive playtime. The toys are available in a variety of styles and colors for dogs of all sizes. 


Starmark’s Treat Ringer Toys provide innovative chewing challenges for dogs of all sizes and ages. Made from extremely durable nylon, they are made for power chewers and help keep teeth clean through chewing action. The toys have a rod running through the inside of the toy that holds the Edible Treat Rings, and dogs must use their teeth and tongue to wear down the treat or remove it. Treat Rings can also be wedged between the rod and side wall of the toy for teaching or easy treat access. The dishwasher-safe toys come in orb, bone, horseshoe and lightbulb shapes, each with a different challenge rating for easy to more challenging play. Each toy comes packaged with Edible Treat Rings, which are chicken flavored, made in the USA and fit all the Treat Ringer Toy shapes. 


Petlinks, a
Worldwise brand, recently launched Petlinks Dizzy Thing, an interactive spinning feathery toy that captivates cats with erratic, unpredictable movement patterns. With a quiet motor that won’t startle cats, Dizzy Thing is designed to appeal to felines’ natural play, prey and hunt instincts. It combines the mental stimulation of tracking and play with motion to encourage exercise. 



Hyper Pet has introduced Tennis Chews, durable multi-texture tennis ball and chewy rubber toys that allow dogs to play and chew for hours. The toys come in Ring, Mushroom and Barbell designs. 



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