Korean Air Launches Frequent Flyer Program for Pets



The folks at Korean Air know more and more people are choosing to take pets on trips with them rather than boarding or using a pet sitter. The airline saw a 50 percent increase in the number of pets on its flights this past year.

In response to this massive growth, Korean Air launched its pet frequent flyer program—SKYPETS.
SKYPETS allows pet parents to earn stamps by flying with pets. The stamps can be redeemed for free future pet services or discounts.

Here’s a breakdown of how the stamps work:

  • One-way domestic flights with a pet earn one stamp.
  • One-way international flights with a pet earn two stamps.
  • With six stamps, pet parents are eligible for half off the pet service charge for a one-way domestic flight with the pet.
  • Receiving 12 stamps allows a pet to fly completely free domestically or half off internationally.
  • With 24 stamps, pet parents can earn a free one-way international ticket for their pet.

Dogs, cats and birds can all travel with Korean Air either in the airplane cabin or in the luggage hold, depending on the weight and size of the animal.

So if you find yourself frequently in the air with your pet, a flight with Korean Air might have your name on it.


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