CBD Oil for Dogs Brand Focuses on Quality and Animal Welfare



The hemp-based health niche for pets is a competitive market place, due to a surging demand resulting from emerging scientific research on the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids for both people and pets. In addition, word-of-mouth about the success that some dog owners are seeing is spreading like wildfire as CBD products are becoming more readily available, thanks to the decriminalization of hemp based products across the United States.


Authentic Customer Engagement & Commitment to Animal Welfare

Joey DiFranceso, owner of LolaHemp, says that the secret to his company’s success has been its ability to build an authentic relationship with a loyal customer base, put quality first when it comes to developing a full-spectrum hemp oil for dogs, and work closely with nonprofit animal rescue organizations to offer customers a chance to participate in helping rescue animals in need with every purchase.


 “The whole inspiration behind LolaHemp came when my mom and I rescued our dog, Lola, a seven-year-old Chihuahua who struggled with debilitating anxiety,” says DiFrancesco. “After trying a high-quality full-spectrum hemp oil and seeing incredible improvement, we realized that there was not just a market, but a true need for a high-quality full-spectrum hemp oil made just for dogs.


“Customers are more informed than ever. Many are rightly distrustful of some of the high pressure marketing tactics and lack of transparency that have unfortunately been a part of this industry. We want to be a different kind of company that puts the needs of animal welfare and our customer’s trust before profit. Fostering longterm customer loyalty with authentic engagement and placing animal welfare as central to our business model is proving to be a successful strategy for LolaHemp.”


A Focus on Education

LolaHemp has invested in developing a library of well-researched educational materials for potential customers to learn more about the health benefits of CBD oil. The company has an extensive blog that includes references to peer reviewed research on CBD, as well as a comprehensive e-book on the subject. By focusing on developing trust and loyalty with customers as part of its core branding strategy, LolaHemp is carving out its niche with sophisticated and informed customers looking for the best for their pets. 


Quality First

Although products made with purified CBD are common in the pet health niche, few companies have developed a full-spectrum oil that contains other cannabinoids found in hemp, which some researchers believe enhances the effects of CBD.


LolaHemp starts with organic and domestically sourced hemp. The company uses a subcritical CO2 extraction process to produce its base hemp oil. As those informed about the various extraction processes already know, this process uses lower temperatures and pressures than the supercritical CO2 extraction method most commonly used in less expensive, mass-produced oils. Although it is a slower process that delivers a slightly lower yield, the benefits include a wider profile of terpenes, something discerning customers are looking for.


LolaHemp is poised to capture its share of discerning and educated customers seeking a robust, full-spectrum CBD oil full of terpenes for their pets. Offering lab testing for every batch and carefully choosing the best ingredients, LolaHemp offers topnotch tinctures, as well as a full-spectrum topical CBD cream for dogs.


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