Making New Year's Celebrations Safe for Pets


A new year (and new decade!) are on the horizon. As your customers prepare to ring in 2020, though, make sure they don’t forget to take steps to keep their pets safe during the celebrations.

Here are a few tips retailers can share to ensure everyone starts the new year on the right foot—or paw.

1. Keep Alcohol Up and Away
What’s New Year’s without a champagne toast? Unfortunately, alcohol ingestion can cause vomiting, unsteadiness, drops in blood pressure or body temperature and even death in pets. So, if you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve soiree at your place, be sure to keep the libations out of reach of four-legged friends.


2. Prepare for Fireworks
Another common way to welcome the New Year: fireworks. Ensure your pet has a safe place to get away from the booming explosives. This will help prevent them from getting stressed out and hurting themselves or your furniture.

With all the noise and commotion, it’s also important to double check that exits are properly secured to prevent pets from running out. Let any guests know to be extra vigilant as they arrive and exit for any furry escape artists.


3. Hire a Sitter
If you’re going out for the evening, consider hiring a pet sitter. Even if you’re only planning to be gone a few hours, it can provide a lot of peace of mind to have someone periodically checking on your fur babies throughout the night.


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