Manna Pro Unveils New Product Line and Online Community



Manna Pro Products created an interactive social community, City Yolks, where backyard chicken owners and enthusiasts can connect and share tips on living sustainably with chicks. The company also launched a non-GMO line of poultry feed tailored to these families and flocks seeking nutrition free of artificial colors and flavors.


In addition to the city-focused social platform, Manna Pro is partnering with several “chick-fluencers” in cities across the country, including Drinking with Chickens, Clucking Chic, Portland Chickens, Modern Hippie Habits, Lux Chicken and more, to demonstrate the joy of raising chickens in non-rural environments.


Manna Pro’s new line of non-GMO feed for chick parents includes products that offer nutrition for all stages of a chicken’s life: 

  • Manna Pro Chick Starter and Grower Non-GMO – Made for chicks from hatching to about 16 weeks of age, the complete crumble feed contains U.S.-sourced grains and no medications, artificial colors or flavors. Its antioxidants and probiotics support immune health and digestion. 

  • Manna Pro Layer Mini-Pellet Non-GMO – Specialized mini-pellet for mixed breed flocks of laying hens, the complete layer feed is made with U.S.-sourced grains and no artificial colors or flavors. The soy- and wheat-free product supplies calcium and marigold to support strong eggs. 

  • Manna Pro 6 Grain and Flaxseed Scratch Non-GMO – Designed for mature poultry, the scratch is made with U.S.-sourced grains and no artificial colors or flavors. The 6-grain mix with added flaxseed encourages natural foraging.  


All three products are non-GMO verified and available in 10-pound packages. 


“Our long-standing leadership position in animal care and nutrition makes us uniquely qualified to feed the barnyard to backyard chicken movement by leveraging our expertise to support this new flock of urban homesteaders,” said Amanda Terbrock, poultry marketing manager, Manna Pro. “Through our new City Yolks community and non-GMO products, we’re supplying urban and suburban residents living this attractive and sustainable lifestyle with the resources and encouragement they need to succeed along with real and simple nutrition for healthy chickens, better living and fresh eggs.”



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