Pioneer Spirit

KollerCraft brings innovative products to the marketplace, while maintaining the high quality standards that have served the company well for over 60 years.


Founded in 1941, Koller-Craft is one of the oldest plastic molders in the Midwest, and one of the premier plastic product manufacturers in the U.S. With manufacturing operations in Fenton, Mo., Sullivan, Mo., and Shawnee, Kan., as well as affiliates in Taiwan and China, KollerCraft produces a wide array of plastic products for the pet, automotive, lighting, home and garden industries.  Throughout its history, Koller-Craft has been highly regarded for superior quality, innovative products and reliable service. Koller-Craft’s major pet brands–TOM, Hawkeye and Aquarius–provide a wide array of aquarium, reptile and small animal products, while the Pet Buddies brand offers a full assortment of dog and cat products.

Innovative Products

KollerCraft was the first company to design and produce the desktop aquarium under the Hawkeye brand. Millions of the popular two-gallon aquariums have been sold, and today this aquarium continues to remain a top seller. In addition, new aquarium products are continuously being created. In 2007, the new AquaView 360 aquarium kit with LED lighting was the first desktop aquarium to incorporate this type of lighting. The color of the light can be switched to seven changeable colors, making the product an instant hit with young children and adults alike.

Another KollerCraft brand, TOM, made its initial foray into the pet industry with a plastic critter habitat–the popular Pla-House. These durable, plastic pet carriers allow for easy transfer and housing for a wide assortment of pets, from anoles to turtles.

As TOM’s dedicated R & D department began developing new consumer products for the pet industry, it became apparent that the aquatic hobbyist, both freshwater and saltwater, was looking for equipment that was easy to service and maintain, but also affordable. The Aqua Lifter, a small water pump that is ideal for topping off aquariums or for dosing reef supplements,  produced a first home run for TOM. Soon, additional TOM branded aquarium products were being created for the hobby. 

The Rapids Pro Filter was an aquatic product designed to target the top-end saltwater market. Rapids Pro Filter was the first quality injection molded filter that offered the best of two popular aquarium filters: the canister filter and the wet/dry filter. The distinctive design made this state-of-the-art filter extremely efficient at an affordable price. Going forward, the TOM brand will be bringing more top-end saltwater and freshwater products to the hobby, such as LED lighting, foam fractionators, freshwater filters with UV lighting, and curved-glass aquariums.

Pet Buddies

The product managers at KollerCraft who handle the Pet Buddies brand are consistently designing new toys that not only provide optimum interactive play, but also deliver beneficial gum massage and teeth cleaning. Made from strong, durable materials, the multiple textured toys keep the pet’s attention and interest, while gently cleaning and massaging the dog’s gums as they chew. Pet Buddies interactive toys like the Pooch Ball and the Pooch Bouncer are ideal toys for keeping the family pet occupied. Treats can be easily inserted into these toys to keep the pet interested and engaged as they try to dislodge the appetizing rewards. Pet Buddies toys are always designed with the pet in mind, and they are developed not only to entertain, but to stimulate and challenge, ease boredom, strengthen eye-paw coordination and inspire happy pets.

Consistent with the company’s corporate objectives, innovation is a key distinguishing attribute in our pet products. The mission at KollerCraft is to continue to bring new and pioneering products to the marketplace, all the while maintaining the high-quality standards that have served the company well for over 60 years.

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