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Good News From Global

PBI/Gordon Acquires Lambert Kay

PIDA Honors Best Suppliers & Distributors

Radio Systems Acquires Premier Pet Products

West Paw Celebrating Earth Day

Herbsmith Educating Pet Retailers & Owners

Nutri Dent Brand-Building Program

The Power of Giving Back

Pets in the Classroom

Zoo Med Acquires Aquatrol

DAD’S Acquires ARKAT Nutrition

Fresh Breath a Breeze

Nature's Variety Expands Voluntary Recall

Ryan’s Launches New Website

Hartz Bird & Small Animal Diets

KONG Wobbler

Toy Stories

When selecting toys for the cage, encourage owners to keep in mind the bird’s species, size, interests and personality.

Recession Game Plan

While a troubled economy has hurt many retailers, some small adjustments to a pet store’s sales strategy can shore up the operation’s bottom line and foster goodwill with customers.

New Media, New Opportunities

Social networking can be a great resource for pet specialty retailers to grow their businesses by positioning themselves as experts and promoting in-store events.

Small Animal Services

One way for pet retailers to bring new income into the store is to offer grooming and boarding services for small pets.

Global Marketing

There are lots of marketing tactics–good and bad–used in different parts of the world that American pet retailers can learn from.

Aquatic Filtration

Every fish tank requires a form of filtration, and by providing customers with product suggestions, retailers can increase a store’s bottom line.

In the Spotlight

Featuring timely accoutrements and numerous pet-related events, Pussy & Pooch provides Los Angeles and Long Beach residents with a “modern pet lifestyle experience.”

Spick and Span

Pet Business sat down with Amber Arnseth, marketing manager at Activeion Cleaning Solutions, to discuss the new technology in cleaning products.

A Portrait of Our Shoppers

A Pet Business survey found that consumers are concerned about the economy and are holding back on non-essential pet purchases. The good news is that the bad times may not last much longer.

Getting to Win-Win

Negotiating with suppliers can pay off in a big way for pet specialty retailers who know how to take the right approach.

The Purr-fect Diet

Retailers can help cat owners find the right natural nutrition product for their pet.

Indoctrinating New Herpers

When a family interested in purchasing their first pet walks into the store, retailers can make them comfortable with helpful suggestions and sound advice.

The Great Outdoors

After a long, cold winter inside, retailers can help encourage customers and their dogs to step outside into the sunshine and fresh air.

The Finishing Touch

Showing appreciation to clients can be done in a variety of ways, with a free bow or bandanna, with great customer service or even with a simple “thank you.”

Feline Playtime

Not only do cats enjoy activity, playtime can help stop behavioral problems and improve overall feline health.

See How They Grow

Marshall Pet Products, a company known for its ferret breeding and high-quality ferret-related products, is now branching out into other categories.

Starving the Bottom Line

Preparing for Spring

Retailers should be ready to offer sound advice and good product recommendations to pondkeepers that are getting ready for the warmer months.

Measuring Industry Growth

Reliable sources report that consumers increased spending on pet-related products and services in 2009, and the same is predicted for 2010.
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