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Into the Light

Guiding customers through the ever-changing market of aquatic lighting sets them on the right track, while boosting a retailer’s bottom line.

Bedding Basics

Bedding products bring small-animal customers to the store on a regular basis, opening the door for additional sales.

Chemical-Free Warfare

The market is brimming with products that treat and prevent flea and tick infestations naturally and safely.

Plastic Profits

New regulations promise lower retailer costs for processing credit card transactions.

Have Wings, Will Travel

Retailers can be a source of guidance and information–as well as product purveyors–for consumers who plan to travel with their pet birds.

Status Secure

There are a variety of benefits that a retail pet business can get from incorporating. However, it is critical that business owners take steps to protect their corporate or LLC status.

Feeding Frenzy

Amy Corash, aquatics category manager at Hartz Mountain Corportion, discusses the development of fish nutrition through the years, including the latest trend–fish treats.

Natural Progression

The retail pet industry’s trend toward natural and eco-friendly products has quickly gained momentum over the past several years, and pet specialty stores are positioned to profit from this movement.

Stocking the Pond

There are a variety of concerns that pet stores must consider, in order to be successful at selling pond fish.

Special Occasions

By bringing pet holidays into the marketing equation, retailers can celebrate pets while increasing the visibility of their stores.

Pick Five for Success

Marketing does not need to be complicated. Here is a list of effective, easy strategies to consider implementing.

Going Gourmet

The word gourmet means high quality, specialized or exotic. So it’s no surprise customers are eating up the chance to buy gourmet dog treats.

Trending Tortoises

As tortoises grow in popularity with today’s pet owners, retailers need to stock up on–and get familiar with–the supplies that tortoises need to be healthy and happy.

Safe and Sound

Pet retailers can be a one-stop shop for dog owners looking to keep their pets safe and sound, on the road and at home.

A Year to Remember

Bio-Groom celebrates its 40th anniversary by continuing to produce a healthy assortment of pet products, while staying sharply focused on quality.

Health Clinic

Veterinarians aren’t the only ones in the pet healthcare business–retailers have a great deal to offer cat owners looking to safeguard their cats’ health.

A Balancing Act

Rattling the Cage

The method in which grooming salons choose to contain animals speaks volumes about the service they are providing, so it’s best to choose wisely.

Cloud Star Expands Tricky Trainers Line

Global Pet Expo Honors Best Products

Lifegard Re-Engineers Quiet One Pumps

Pets in the Classroom Exceeds 2010 Goals

Bergan Adds Stainless Bowls

Nylabone Introduces Cat Products

Bravo! Redesigns Bonus Bites Packaging

Oxbow Redesigns Packaging

Bio-Groom Adds Store Locator

JW Pet Company Launches Branding Blitz

Supplemental Income

Manufacturers of natural pet supplements and remedies report soaring sales driven by consumers determined to secure their pets’ well-being.

Filtration Essentials

Attention-grabbing displays and a good education on pond filtration are the keys to success in merchandising these systems.

Save with Safety

Instituting safety programs in the store will help pet retailers control their workers’ compensation costs.

Inspired from the Inside, Out

In recent years company president Tony de Vos has led the way in creating a new Cardinal–more devoted to pets, people and the planet than ever.

A Proactive Approach

There are three great programs aimed at growing and strengthening the pet industry.

A Convenient Truth

No Pet Left Behind

More consumers are traveling with the family pet, creating sales opportunities for pet-travel product manufacturers and the retailers that sell their wares.

Spineless Wonders

The marine invertebrates category is rich in diversity and can become a major segment of a retailer’s business.

Looking for Lenders

Many banks are looking to expand small business relationships. Here are eight important considerations for pet retailers searching for a new banking partner.

Bird Watch

Observing and noting changes in a bird’s behavior can tell you volumes about its health and condition, if you understand what to look for.

Perfectly Natural

Maggie Johnson, co-owner of Sojos, discusses the growing number of consumers going all-natural for their pets, and what makes the company’s products unique.

Fighting for a Share

As mass retailers get more involved with the pet category, the onus is on pet specialty chains to come up with ways to survive and thrive in this increasingly crowded marketplace.

The Hay Way

Retailers who educate rabbit and guinea pig owners about the benefits of hay can boost sales in the small animal department.

Heat & Light

To help customers achieve the right lighting and heating in reptile tanks, retailers need to understand the needs of specific species and what the options are.

Speak Up

Conquering fears and anxiety about public speaking can do wonders for your business.

Selling Green

The cat aisle is a great place to showcase effective products that are also ecologically sound and all-natural to appeal to green-conscious customers.

Dogs In Training

Savvy pet specialty retailers can be a source of information and support for customers and dog trainers, becoming an important destination for both.

Re-fresher Course

Take advantage of the opportunity to sell products that keep pets fresh and clean between grooming visits.

2011 Tax News

There are a number of tax laws that, as employers and taxpayers, every pet store owner should be aware of this year. Get up to date on current tax regulations.
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