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Resco is tackling pet health and beauty from the inside out with a new natural supplements line, reports Drew Clark, director of sales and marketing.






  Drew Clark



Pet Business: Tell us about Resco’s latest introductions on the market, and what differentiates these products?

Drew Clark:
Resco has had an amazing start to the year with a number of new product introductions. We have just introduced a line of all-natural pet supplements called BE by Resco. Our new line, BE by Resco, comprises liquid supplements that can be applied to any treat or food for your most finicky furry friend. BE by Resco is made up of three different formulations: BE Calm, which helps to relieve the stress of an anxious pet regardless of the cause; BE Beautiful, which helps to create a shinier coat and prevents dry hot spots and flaking skin; and BE Agile, which addresses the needs of any animals’ joint health with glucosamine and chondroitin.

What differentiates Resco Pet Products as a whole is our commitment to the highest possible quality, to achieve the absolute needs and wants of our customer. What differentiates our supplements from similar products on the market is that they are absorbed at three times the levels of tablets or chews, they have convenient accurate dosing, and pets love the way they taste. Not to mention, they’re manufactured in a pharmaceutical facility using pharmaceutical-quality ingredients, which pairs well with Resco’s belief in high-quality product standards for pets and their owners.

PB: Resco manufactures a healthy assortment of grooming products. What inspired the development of the BE by Resco supplements line?

BE by Resco was inspired by our current customer needs and a path that paired well with our current market. Resco has been manufacturing grooming tools and show leads since 1937. We felt, what pairs better with grooming and nail cutting than a calm animal? What pairs better with a show dog than a beautiful coat and an agile body? A natural approach to the health and well-being of any animal starts from the inside and then moves outward to the areas we were already focused on. When you have been making grooming products for 77 years, you learn a few things—a well-groomed pet is a healthy pet first.

PB: How is the market responding to the company’s foray into the supplements category?

The market seems to be responding very positively. We are currently selling all of the BE by Resco line to some of our largest customers, and we just had an incredibly positive response at the North American Veterinary Conference, where many veterinarians picked up bottles to use in their clinics and on their own pets. We want people to understand that we are not a supplement company, but we are focused on having all of the best tools available to make the most beautiful, healthy, well-groomed pet possible—the Resco Pet.

PB: What do retailers need to do to maximize sales in the supplements category?

Pet owners today are what we now refer to them as “pet parents.” The best strategy for retailers to maximize supplement sales is to market to the “pet parent,” instead of the “pet owner.” All parents want the best possible nutrition for their children, and want to provide them with the natural remedies that will help them remain happy and healthy for years to come. Supplements for human use have been growing rampantly in the market for years, and there is good reason for this—prevention. Pet supplementation hopes to achieve the same goal.

PB: What are the latest developments in the professional grooming tool category?

We are always looking to improve the ease and effectiveness of products for the groomer, so we are always introducing tools developed with insight from groomers and veterinarians to achieve this. This year alone, Resco has introduced a new stainless steel cat-nail scissor that cuts with ease, a grooming post with more features than an iPhone and a rotating pin comb that you can use on your toughest customer.

PB: What trends are driving sales of those products?

The trends that we have been noticing for years in the grooming tool industry—and what will probably remain a constant—is the need for a tool that can give you the ability to groom faster and that will last a lifetime. We at Resco have always manufactured and designed products with the highest standards possible. We feel that by offering a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on all products, we are giving the customer the best and most trustworthy choice.

PB: What does the future hold for Resco and the product categories in which it is involved?

The future is bright. Resco will expand our BE by Resco line to other natural products concerned with promoting a healthy well-cared-for pet. We will also be introducing many more innovative tools to our grooming assortment this year.

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