Ginny's Guide to a Dog's Life


Sometimes after a stressful day, all you want to do is relax. If you’re looking for a little light reading with some life lessons, pick up a copy of Ginny’s Guide to a Dog’s Life. Ginny the Jack Russel and her owner/author, Chelsea England, share 50 tips with photos to match making this a beautiful book to brighten anyone’s day.


If you’re not sure that photos of someone else’s pup could make you grin, take a look at Ginny’s Instagram account, @ginny_jrt. England loves to dress Ginny up, and the Jack Russel has appeared as everyone from Batman to Buzz Lightyear. Ginny loves to cuddle and run and jump. You would never guess from the 1,700-plus photos of this silly, smiling, sweet dog that she was found chained to a fence next to a busy road. Perhaps the hard times that Ginny has seen are exactly what makes her so gleeful.


According to England’s blog, her niece named the pup Ginny after Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter series. Both Ginny’s are on the petite side, but as George Weasley points out in the series, “size is no guarantee of power.” Clearly, since this spunky little pup has the power to make readers everywhere smile from ear to ear.


Post by Ginny's World.
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