Making Valuable Connections aims to be the most comprehensive digital resource for helping consumers find quality pet products, retailers and service providers.


What is is being designed to be straightforward and an uncomplicated directory to allow consumers to find the best products and services available to them. Consisting of a large network of suppliers, manufacturers and vendors worldwide, will make it easy for consumers to find and purchase products when they choose to shop retail.

The directory being developed will be launched at Global Pet Expo.   It will be a communication hub for the pet industry and a new 24/7 global sales tool for all pet products. It will consist of all types of pet services and quality pet products.

What inspired the creation of

With LLC, founder, president and chief executive officer, Allen Simon is on a mission to ignite the pet industry to the consumer through marketing technology and social networks, bringing pet industry professionals together around purpose and passion to reach consumers. Simon states, “The future of marketing and social networking doesn’t lie solely in traditional print, TV, radio and point-of-sale methodologies, but in niche online networks specific to the industry to enhance business. We envision LLC as a portal of interconnected pet categorized networks built on a platform that allows theses categories to optimize themselves to share in the value they create.”

Simon earned a reputation as an industry leader as founder, president and CEO of Four Paws, which he sold to Central Garden & Pet, continuing with the company as president until January 2013. He currently serves in an advisory position to Central Garden & Pet.

Who are the intended users, and how should they be using the website?

“It’s for consumers, manufacturers and retail stores,” says Vince Caruso, senior vice president for LLC. “They can use it to market their products and do different promotions, and it is going to be where stores can source products too.” is essentially a platform for the industry. The flexibility of the system and the ease of implementation of everything pet product-related will allow consumers to find all things related to pet products in one place online. Simon states, “ is structured to help our clients get the best out of Internet marketing. Our system includes a set of marketing tools in place to ensure manufacturers and suppliers stay connected with retailers across the world to effectively share marketing campaigns to reach consumers.”

With this tightly integrated advertising system, the main function of is to empower retailers to reach consumers looking for pet products and services.

How can retailers, service providers and vendors utilize to promote their businesses?

“Manufacturers, retailers and service providers can easily sign up to be listed in the directory. There will be a digital sign-up sheet, and they will be able to upload all their information,” says Caruso. “We will have support staff being able to assist them to use this, because there will be basic tools but also advanced tools that they can use.”

What are your goals for

Caruso says, “The site is still in an early beta, and we’ll see some significant tweaks before it launches at Global Pet Expo. Our consumer-centric focus for the launch is to enable manufacturers, retailers and vendors to get listed and become more intertwined with pet owners, who can search and find any quality service or product they need, when they need to—on any device.”

Simon continues, “Our goal for the long term is to be the largest directory in the world of pet products—where to find them, how to get them, for any kind of animal, any kind of food that people are looking for, and every retailer in the country and in Europe. It’s also going to be the source of information on manufacturers all over the world.”

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