Wellness Unveils TruFood Food and Treats for Dogs and Cats


(booth 3401) has introduced the Wellness TruFood product line, which is made with whole foods blended by hand and baked in small batches to create nutrient-rich meals, featuring whole prey protein, fruits and veggies.

The formulas are made with ingredients such as chicken, beets, coconut oil, kale, pumpkin and live active yogurt cultures. The TruFood line for dogs and cats includes Baked Blends, Tasting Pairings Wet Food, RAW Goodness treats and CocoChia Bakes treats. All TruFood products are grain-free and offered in a variety of sizes and flavors to accommodate any pet’s palate across all stages of life.

TruFood Baked Blends are baked nuggets prepared in small batches to deliver optimal nutrition for dogs and cats. Made with raw protein ingredients, all recipes are grain-, potato- and wheat-free, and feature a mix of individual, baked components including whole-prey protein bites and living superfood nuggets. Baked Nuggets come in five flavors for dogs in 2-, 3-, 10- and 18-lb. bags, and are available for cats in four flavors in 2 or 10 lb. options.

TruFood Tasty Pairings Wet Food are grain-free recipes that provide a dual layer of shredded protein and fruits and vegetables in a convenient,
easy-open cup. Available in the six varieties for dogs and six options for cats.

TruFood RAW Goodness treats provide the nutrition of raw proteins without the mess. These nutrient-dense snack bites are 100 percent raw, grain-free and made with fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, and are freeze-dried to lock in flavor and nutrients.

For dogs, the treats come in Chicken, Spinach & Carrots, and Beef, Carrots & Peas; and for cats, they come in  Salmon & Carrots.

TruFood CocoChia Bakes treats provide the dietary benefits of coconut oil and chia seeds for both dogs and cats in a grain-free, slow-baked snack.

Paired with superfood ingredients like beets, these healthy treats are the perfect nutritional reward for pets. Available in three dog varieties—Chicken, Beets & Coconut Oil, Salmon, Coconut Oil & Spinach, and Lamb, Purple Carrot & Coconut Oil—and two cat varieties: Chicken, Beets & Coconut Oil and Salmon, Coconut Oil & Spinach.


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