Protecting Pets

Victor Phillpotts, vice president of business development for Star brite Inc., discusses how his company’s PERFORMACIDE disinfectant/deodorizer can ensure a healthy environment for pets in the store and at home.




Pet Business: Tell us about Star brite. How/when did the company get involved in the pet care industry?

Victor Phillpotts: Star brite is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ocean Bio-Chem, Inc., which manufactures a broad range of environmentally friendly products for the marine, automotive and medical markets. The new PERFORMACIDE family of products represents a unique and innovative way to eliminate harmful viruses and unpleasant odors, making it particularly applicable to the pet care industry.


PB: What makes Star Brite’s PERFORMACIDE cleaning/disinfecting/deodorizing product unique? What are some of the key features of PERFORMACIDE?

Phillpotts: PERFORMACIDE provides a fast and effective method for eliminating viruses such as parvo and dog flu, as well as odor-causing bacteria. PERFORMACIDE leaves no harmful residue, requires no rinsing and is 100 percent fragrance-free. PERFORMACIDE creates an ideal solution for homeowners, groomers and kennel operators who must create a healthy environment for pets.


PB: What role can PERFORMACIDE play in maintaining a healthy in-store environment for retailers that offer dogs and cats for sale or adoption?

Phillpotts: Retailers must take the initiative for infection control, just as vet clinics do where there is high pet traffic. It is not practical for pet parents to provide vaccination records prior to entering a store, so it is imperative that the store implement an infection-control protocol. This can include keeping ready-to-use bottles of PERFORMACIDE at stations throughout the store for use when animals urinate or have bowel movements, as well as mopping floors with a PERFOMACIDE solution at the close of business each day to sanitize and control odors.



PB: Is PERFORMACIDE also right for cleaning applications in service-oriented businesses such as grooming salons, daycare facilities and kennels?

Phillpotts: PERFORMACIDE is ideal for use by groomers, daycare operators and kennels, as well as by consumers for home disinfection and odor control. It is critical that service-oriented businesses with a high volume of pet traffic maintain a clean, healthy, virus-free workplace.


PB: Do you have any recommendations for other practices and procedures that retailers and service providers can put into place to protect the health of the animals in their care?

Phillpotts: A problem pet store owners face is customers coming into the store to replace a dog that recently died due to parvo. Once a storeowner becomes aware of this, it is vitally important to immediately walk the customers out of the puppy area to avoid the inadvertent spread of the highly contagious virus to healthy animals.


The retailer also needs to educate the customers of the need to thoroughly disinfect and clean before they bring a new puppy home. Additionally, as retailers add grooming stations and pet health services, there is higher likelihood of sick animals coming into the store, making disinfection protocols a high priority.


PB: Do you have any advice for retailers who sell Performacide to pet owners for use in their homes?

Phillpotts: Retailers can boost sales of PERFORMACIDE by promoting it to customers as an ideal solution for disinfecting, cleaning and deodorizing kitchens, bathrooms and other areas of their home, with just one product and one application.


PB: What does the future hold for Star brite and PERFORMACIDE in the pet care market?

Phillpotts: The company is applying ClO2 technology to develop many future products, including those formulated for wound care and air care. As consumer awareness increases, PERFORMACIDE will become a cornerstone product for all pet retailers’ deodorizing and disinfection category.  PB


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