Marineland Adds New Light to Aquariums



Marineland, a division of Spectrum Brands Pet, introduced Marineland Adjustable Lights, putting lighting design directly in the hands of fish keepers.


With Marineland Adjustable Lights, PODs can be added and repositioned to increase brightness, customize light color and highlight particular areas in the aquarium. Adjustable Lights include the ability to control light intensity, spectral output and color, as well as choose between a day and night mode.


Consumers can choose from Essential LED Lights, available in 20 in., 24 in., 30 in., 36 in. and 48 in., and Advanced LED Lights, available in 24 to 36 in., 36 to 48 in. and 48 to 60 in. The Essential LED Lights are a perfect fit for fish-only aquariums from 10 to 75 gallons; the Advanced LED lights fit aquariums from 20 to 75 gallons and have twin tracks with fixed, cool white LEDs for added brightness, producing full-spectrum lighting for freshwater, planted and saltwater aquariums.


“One of the most enjoyable aspects of owning an aquarium is making it your own,” said John Pailthorp, vice president of marketing at Spectrum Brands. “Marineland Adjustable Lights allow fish keepers to take that personalization to the next level, with control over a wide array of lighting functions and configurations.”


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