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License to Thrill

Products connected to highly recognizable personalities, organizations and even cartoon characters can generate excitement and drive profits in the pet store.

Keeping Chameleons

An Old World species, chameleons continue to captivate the minds of reptile enthusiasts and casual observers.

Critter Litter

With the wide variety of litter products available, a retailer who understands the features of each is in the best position to advise customers.

Playtime for Canines

Make no mistake about it, toys are valuable items—and not just for a store’s bottom line.

Aquatic Plants

Every store should carry a basic selection of live plants for the aquarium and terrarium, and knowing how to display them is key.

Cat Gardens

An important item in every cat aisle, cat grass is safe, nutritional, easy to sell and enjoyed by many felines.

POS System Basics

By providing assistance in areas such as inventory management and sales trend analysis, a good point-of-sale system can make a pet store more profitable.

Engagement Marketing

Engagement marketing is a strategy that directly engages consumers and encourages them to become actively involved in a store’s marketing program.

From Raw to Refined

Launched nearly a decade ago as one of the first producers of frozen raw diets for dogs and cats, Nature’s Variety has evolved into one of the preeminent names in holistic pet nutrition.

The Golden Years

As pets age, the focus becomes ensuring they have the best quality of life possible.

Keep It Clean

Pet Business sat down with BISSELL’s Sue Potter, category manager, and Eric Hansen, director of chemical development, to chat about cleaning up pet messes.

Natural Canine Nutrition

By bringing natural, premium diets into the store, retailers will attract the growing number of health-conscious consumers who can’t find the products they want at mass retail.

Budgerigars and Cockatiels

These popular birds make up over half the bird species owned, which makes it imperative that retailers cater to these creatures in their bird departments.

Salon Marketing

Every grooming salon should use a variety of promotion methods to keep the business in the forefront of everyone’s minds.

The Licensing Game

Dogswell's Shape Up Challenge

New Consumer Pet Show

Marshall Honors Canadian Distributor

New Look for Jolly Pets

Nylabone's New Chew Line

Prevue Adds Toys

New Dock Dogs Display

New Wellness Line

New Look for ZuPreem FruitBlend

CASCO Awards Store Makeover

Merchandising Dos & Don�ts

Success in Numbers

Growing from one store to six in just five short years, Houston, Texas-area pet retailer Natural Pawz is one of the industry's newest success stories.

May 2010 Advertiser Index

Blueprint for Success

If done properly, a store redesign can greatly enhance a pet retailer's brand and ultimately result in increased sales.

Breaking Barriers

Farnam has come a long way from the street in Omaha, Neb. that it was named after.

Luxury Meets Function

Consumers seek spa products that go the extra mile.

A Poor Excuse

Many pet specialty retailers report various reasons they don't sell wild birdseed, but the truth is they are missing out on a huge industry. By

It’s Only Natural

Retailers who leave a store’s natural product section on the back burner may be missing out on revenue.

Profiting From Backyard Safaris

Well-intentioned people who find an animal in the yard and want to keep it as a pet can become life-long customers.

What A Pest

Every pet specialty retailer that sells small animal products should know how to identify and treat common external parasites.

Blogs, Five Years Later

If handled correctly, blogs can help retailers' marketing efforts by positioning them as pet-care experts and helping them bond with their customer base.

Little Fish, Big Profits

Micro-fish are one of then newest and fastest-growing trends in the fish category.

The Must-Haves

To increase sales in the category, display leashes, collars and harnesses in a way that emphasizes value, unique design, functionality and fun.

Water Quality Basics

Guidance from pet retailers can be critical in helping customers maintain the water quality in their ponds.

A Natural Choice

Eric Abbey, president of Loving Pets Products, explains the importance of natural products on today’s retail shelf.

Salon Software

Incorporating technology in the salon can make groomers’ lives easier in a variety of ways.

Global Growth

Despite the recession, this year's edition of Global Pet Expo experienced record growth in attendance–a good sign for the industry overall.

Supplementing Feline Diets

Not every feline will require a dietary supplement, but there are certain times in cats' lives when these products can be particularly beneficial.

Best Foot Forward

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