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Natural Nibbles

Retailers are in the best position to guide small-animal owners toward the healthiest foods for their pets.

New Rosie B. Good Line

Be Sure and Insure

The right insurance can offer protection from any number of unforeseen disasters that can strike a business, decimating the operation and its bottom line.

Healthy Feline Fare

As cat ownership and consumer interest in natural products continue to grow, pet stores have a great opportunity to profit from natural feline diets.

Rising from the Ashes

Natural Balance Introduces Platefulls

Pulling Together

Ensuring the continued success of the pet products market will require a concerted effort from every level of the industry.

Fromm Family Tradition

A new state-of-the-art factory and product introductions demonstrate Fromm Family Pet Foods’ continued commitment to pet nutrition and health, reports Tom Nieman, president.

Bearing Fruit

Vetscience is shaking up the canine nutrition segment with its Fruitables line of natural weight-management and digestive health products.

A Place at the Table

The feeding and watering category encompasses a wide range of products with a variety of features and benefits, and retailers should be sure to offer a comprehensive selection.

Live Fuel

Because most popular pet herptiles require access to live insects, fish and/or rodents, it is important that retailers stock these food items.

Tell Me a Story

Selling through storytelling can be a great way for pet specialty retailers to connect with their customers.

Breeding Season

Retailers that breed birds or encourage customers and employees to breed birds can help cultivate a steady supply of livestock to sell in their stores.

ZuPreem Relaunched Bird Food

Reef Tank Essentials

Because of the diversity of organisms involved, maintaining a reef-tank environment is a complicated undertaking that will require some very specific conditions.

On the Road, Again

Even experienced cat-owning travelers can use some help preparing for a trip with the family feline.

The Right Choice

Training new additions to a pet store’s staff can be costly, so it is essential that storeowners and managers utilize the interview process correctly to ensure that they hire the right candidates.

Special Treatment

Retailers that give their treat assortments special treatment, with careful product selection and merchandising, reap the benefits in cash register rings.

Multipet Opens New Facility

NPIC Adds to Quado Line

Confessions of a Pet Retailer

Forty-five years after he took over the family pet store, Al Selmer offers some insight into the challenges facing the modern independent pet retailer.

Integrity Payment Systems

Dynamic Accents Adds Outdoor Pet Furniture

Stimulating the Mind

KAYTEE Introduces Timothy Hay Line

Makers Of Simple Green Introduce Pet Line

Neater Feeder Floor Display

Idea Factory Updates Bathing Line

Pet Store Pro Updates Training Program

Charming Pet Goes Plush

Starmark Launches All New Look

Back to Basics

Groomers can benefit from a refresher course every now and then, even on skills they practice day in and day out.

Raw Opportunities

Retailers can leverage raw diets to demonstrate their role as pet experts, while helping to create a healthy bottom line.

Bottles and Bowls

Retailers can increase sales of water bottles and food dishes by educating customers about the benefits of having spares on hand.

Covering the Cat Bases

Providing cats with furniture especially designed for them makes for a more stress-free environment for everyone.

Supplemental Sales

Retailers can ensure that herptile owners have all their pets’ nutritional bases covered by encouraging the use of supplements.

Riding the Next Wave

Pet product marketers must prepare for the inevitable end of the baby-boomer boom by reaching out to emerging consumer demographics.

Pumps and Filters

Understanding the myriad of options available when it comes to pumps and filters is key to moving these products off the shelf.

Stylishly Functional

Jaradén’s pet-travel-related products combine upmarket design with functionality to appeal to the most discerning of pet owners.

Hot Off the Press

Knowing how to write an effective press release is the key to getting the media’s attention.

Nutritionally Obsessed

Heather Govea, senior vice president of independent sales and marketing for Natural Balance, outlines the company’s goals, priorities and successes.

Mystery Solvers

Pet specialty retailers can greatly benefit from instituting a mystery-shopper program if they just follow four simple tips.

Greening Pet Cleanup

The pet cleanup category is one of the most fertile segments for the growing eco-friendly product trend.

The Mess Stops Here

Keeping the bird area neat and tidy should be a top priority. Fortunately, there are plenty of products on the market to help accomplish this.

All in Good Fun

The toy category is bursting at the seams with fun, frivolity and serious sales potential.

Building Future Pet Owners

The Pet Care Trust’s Pets in the Classroom program has made great strides in exposing children to the joys of pet ownership, but more help is needed from retailers.
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