Nutram Pet Food Makes its U.S. Debut


Nutram Pet Products, a division of Elmira Pet Products Ltd., is launching its balanced and optimized pet food lines in the United States this summer. The company’s team of nutrition experts carefully craft and cook recipes that pair ingredients together for healthful combinations, bolstering the various benefits from each ingredient. 


“At Nutram, we believe that a pet’s diet has a fundamental impact on their health, longevity and overall wellness,” said Kirill Tikhomirov, vice president of brand and customer development. “That’s why we’ve carefully thought out our ingredients and how they work together. Our products ensure that pets receive the maximum nutritional benefits of each ingredient, plus the advantages of their combinations.” 


The company’s Optimum Combinations approach utilizes scientific evidence to support each selection. The ingredients are paired strategically and in a holistic way to amplify the benefits of every ingredient in the foods. The diets are highly digestible, allowing pets to absorb more essential nutrients, and recipes are tailored and available in three categories. 


The company’s offerings include: Nutram Sound Balance Wellness, Nutram Ideal Solution Support and Nutram Total Grain-Free. Sound Balance Wellness offers holistic recipes that are crafted and cooked for the various life stages of pets. Ideal Solution Support offers holistic and natural food crafted, and it is cooked to support a variety of nutritional needs, such as immunity support, weight control, skin and coat, digestibility, natural detox, calming effects, mobility and bladder health. Total Grain-Free provides pets with all the benefits of Nutram food but in a grain-free solution. 


Nutram’s ingredients are 100-percent preservative- and hormone-free, and most recipes have a low glycemic index. The foods do not have fillers or added supplements. The company is currently accepting pre-orders. Nutram is scheduled to be available at pet specialty retailers in the U.S. in July. 


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