A Walk in the Park

Don’t fall behind on the array of products available to keep dog walks efficient, clean, safe and enjoyable.



DOOG Walkie Bags from DOOG USA are designed to hold dog-walking necessities. They come with a water bottle holder, an inner waterproof sleeve to protect phones and built-in, degradable DOOG Tidy Bags that pull out like tissues from the front of the bag. The bag comes in four solid colors and a polka dot pattern.



PawZ Dog Boots are designed to provide protection in the winter from ice, snow melt, salt and street chemicals and in the summer from hot pavement, sand and trails. The boots are disposable, reusable and waterproof. They are made of natural rubber and come in a pack of 12.



The Nerds collar collection from 2 Hounds Design includes designs like Monster Mash, Extraterrestrials and Circuit Board. The collars have webbing cores enclosed in either crepe or flannel-backed satin. They are sewn using industrial-strength nylon thread and are made in the USA.



PoopBags' Orange Scented Recycled Rolls contain a minimum of 20 percent—but up to 30 percent—recycled material. Each roll contains 15 PoopBags that fit most dispensers. They are perforated, 9x13 in. and leak proof—holding water for more than seven days with no issues. These PoopBags have a mild orange scent to help mask odors.



The British Reflective Rope Slip Leads from Leather Brothers are made of polyester rope woven into a weave with reflective tracer. The combination slip lead and collar has leather joints and a slip loop for control when needed. It’s made in the USA, available in 4- and 6-ft. lengths and five colors. 



Casey’s Collapsible Bowl in Aqua from PetRageous is made of 85 percent thermoplastic rubber and 15 percent polypropylene. It has a metal clip to attach to a leash, purse, backpack belt loop, stroller or bike. The bowl allows for 1 c. water or food. When collapsed, it is less than half an inch thick. 



Doggie Walk Bags’ Cross Body Bag carries essentials in a pouch. Worn over the shoulder or around the waist, it is made of rip-stop nylon and comes in five different colors. The pouch has two lined pockets fitted with zippers. The bag fits a large smartphone. A roll of 12 tie-handle bags is included, and there is a small opening in the front pocket for the bags to dispense easily. 


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